January 2, 2018 — Natasha – The Truth About The News

Deleting the elite https://twitter.com/ChaseTheWarrior/status/948073668743012352 Hillary Clinton tweeted in 2015 that she would show her emails, then proceeded to delete 33,000 of them https://twitter.com/Jali_Cat/status/948023629622796288 ROTHSCHILDS watch them all Wealth, over 1/2 of the wealth of the World https://youtu.be/VxmJUBDgpyQ Rothschilds wealth Watch https://youtu.be/4U49nYnd4Xc They own & control the system, and can destroy countries, the stock market, etc https://youtu.be/umO484qigZw Benjamin Fulford again https://youtu.be/ti5vS0sSP4Y Rothschilds Purchased Jerusalem and created Israel https://youtu.be/bNVPdGWiJ-w The top of…More

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