California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Weapon Attack? — Covert Geopolitics – November 14, 2018

The recent California Wildfire occurred with some very distinct anomalies that would raise a lot of questions to those who are fully aware of existing exotic ultrahigh energy-based technologies that where invented more than a hundred years ago…….Read more & videos

via California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Weapon Attack? — Covert Geopolitics


Navy Veteran, 25-year fire educator and Northern California Fire Captain, John Lord goes on the record here with his bombshell affirmations that the wind and fire events around Santa Rosa were “not natural”.

Being a native of the area and a professional firefighter, Lord had never seen anything like the complete devastation of the homes in Santa Rosa, which is unlike anything he’s seen in his career and which he describes as looking like a “nuclear war zone.”

Lord says that based on his 30 years of experience, Directed Energy Weapons seem like the only plausible explanation for the rapidity of the fires’ spread and the extremely high temperatures, adding, “The holes that were burned through the hoods of cars all the way through the engine blocks are a little bit suspicious.”

Lord is not your ordinary fire captain because he’s aware of the UN’s Agenda 21 and he tells APlainTruthInfo that he’s “Not one bit surprised” at the talk about blocking reconstruction in certain areas for reasons of nature conservancy. Moreover, Lord is not alone in his opinions. He has two other colleague fire-fighters with whom he speaks directly about these Alternative News topics in relation to the NorCal fires. He says, “We’re all in agreement that something very strange happened.”