Master El Morya via Natalie Glasson, May 11th, 2017

How Your Soul is Assisting Your Ascension
by Master El Morya

Channelled through  Natalie Glasson  11th  May 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Blessings and greetings dear ones, I am Master El Morya, I bring forth to you the Divine Will and Divine Plan of the Creator upon a powerful energy wave to lovingly penetrate and synthesis with your being. I am known as the Master of the 1st Ray of Light; it is my purpose to distribute the Divine Will and Divine Plan of the Creator through my being to all. The Creator is constantly emanating guidance, assistance and multiple purposes for all, as a whole and individually. The Divine Plan and Will of the Creator are akin to a sacred map that already exists within you, which can be activated to receive more guidance and divine intervention in your life. There are so many levels of the Divine Will and Plan of the Creator, the knowledge, illumination, understanding and guidance you receive depends on your willingness to expand your mind and perspective, receive and listen within.

Your soul is drawing upon the 1st Ray of Light with great force, downloading the red light into your soul’s presence within your physical body. This is the same for all souls upon the Earth. Over the recent months, your soul has been focused upon downloading and anchoring greater, new and expansive aspects of your soul into your physical being. Your soul wishes to become ever more present within your physical form and reality until the full presence of your soul and even soul group are seamlessly synthesised and present within your physical body. Thus, you experience yourself as being enlightened because you are able to access more of the energy and wisdom of your soul and soul group while being in a physical body. The veils that separate your soul, your physical body and reality will fall away, and there will be no separation between your energetic existence and physical existence. Your soul is drawing the 1st Ray energy into your being to support it in experiencing, manifesting and becoming the Divine Plan it holds within its essence. Your soul is on a mission of full conscious experience within your physical body, and it has a plan or map of how this can be achieved in the most fulfilling way for you while being of service upon the Earth in the most magnificent way. It may be at this point that you wish to know what the plan or map unfolding from your soul is. I cannot share this with you. However, I can share with you the ways in which your soul is supporting this magnificent synthesis between inner planes/heaven and Earth within your being.

Supporting Your Soul

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St. Germaine on Personal and Global Healing – January 18, 2017

On this weeks Hour With An Angel, St. Germaine said, “You are truly recovering and restoring your sweet self and this planet from a very long tradition of war and the wounds of war. You are healing the burdens, the wounds, the belief systems, the paradigms of what has hurt you.”

St. Germaine on Personal and Global Healing

An Hour with An Angel   January 10, 2017

Linda Dillon        Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow        Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone, and welcome to An Hour with An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, and with me today is Linda Dillon. You have a channeling course coming up Linda?

Linda Dillon: I do, I have a webinar series to teach people how to channel and there are just a few slots available still. It’s an online course beginning January 28th, a series of four alternating Saturdays. It’s a process that was given to me years ago by the Council of Love and tweaked and built upon over the years. Hundreds of people have taken the course. It’s a pretty sure-fire method. And, you know I was thinking about it as I was getting ready for our time together tonight and it strikes me that as we’re moving into this energy with this ability to instantaneously channel or have that ongoing conversation with unseen friends, it’s becoming more and more important. The task at hand is so big and unfolding so rapidly that we really want to be able to get that insight and guidance simultaneously. So it’s for written, intuitive and verbal channeling. But, I think we’re all channels and the purpose of this is to open that up so that we’re all receiving that insight. You can register on the Council of Love website. There are a few openings still available. It’s a class that’s limited in size, Steve, because we do break it down and it’s really intense coaching.

SB: Well, I was going to say we have St. Germaine waiting in the wings, but he walks through walls, so he hardly waits in wings.

LD: He’s actually sitting in the chair next to me, (Laughter) making himself very comfortable.

SB: Well, let’s give you a chance to make your transition. I believe St. Germaine is going to talk to us today in part, on how to best to get through this time of accelerated healing, how to open up to what comes after. And I can’t wait. St. Germaine.

Saint Germaine: And greetings to all of you. I am St. Germaine, keeper of the violet flame…of the violet flame torch. Brother and ally and friend, comrade and colleague. Welcome to all of you. And, yes, I do come to speak about a variety of subjects.

And, I wish to speak and to address this issue of healing the wounds of war. And, you say, “But I do not know this, or I do not feel wounded from war.” And, I assure you, my beloved friends, in one way or another in all of the above, you are truly recovering and restoring your sweet self and this planet from a very long tradition of war and the wounds of war. In this accelerated time, in this time, might I say, thank God, of fulfillment, in this time of becoming the truth, the light, the love of who you truly are, in this time of ascension. My friends, you are going through some very rapid changes. And, what some of you have called clearing or healing or elimination or transmutation or even transubstantiation, you are letting go. You are healing the burdens, the wounds, the belief systems, the paradigms of what has hurt you.

Now, I could be very dramatic and suggest to you, especially for some of you, that you are healing the wounds of war as far back as the intergalactic wars; that you are healing the wounds of war from the occurrences of Atlantis. There is a history, not to be denied, but not to be fabricated either – and there is a great deal of fabrication going on upon this planet – but that is not where I am going with this.

All of you – and when I say all of you I do not only mean you, my beloved light workers and love holders, I mean all of humanity – is suffering from the wounds of war. You know that there are times when a wound will heal or scab over. But, if the inflammation or infection is not dealt with underneath that scab, it becomes gangrenous, or it becomes invasive and it can cause greater turmoil, greater trouble.

Now, through the energies that are being sent to your planet – and you think that you move at a rapid pace, and in your mental body you often do say, “What’s new? What’s new? What’s new? What’s new?” And you forget what is current. So, what is current is the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. What is current is the Mother’s Tsunami of One. What is current is your star brothers and sisters literally beaming into you the Porlana C energy. And all of this has accelerated and massively expanded who you are and your capacity to hold energy and to process what is not of love. And, increasingly, what is not of love is like a grain of sand in your shoe, a pebble in your shoe. It irritates you to no end and you can’t wait to get rid of it. To which I say, “Congratulations!”

My friends, my family, my fellow journeyers, you are doing and have done a fantastic, fabulous, phenomenal job. Let us start there……..

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