10 Magical Benefits of Onions That Keep the Doctor Away — Era of Light – March 9, 2019

I was born in Delhi and spent most of my childhood here. It was only in college that I left for Ahmedabad and later worked for a few years in Mumbai. As a food enthusiast, I realised early on in life that there is somuch variety in India, that you can spend a lifetime sampling it and yet not end up trying everything. Every state, or rather each district, has its own unique cuisine, love for certain ingredients and traditions around food.

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Junk Food Fuels The Cancer Industry: Diabetes and Obesity Cause Nearly 800,000 Cancers Worldwide – January 4, 2018

eatlightWe need to have a discussion on how much your lifestyle affects your health. Movements regarding body positivity and self-love claim that “health [comes] at every size” (otherwise known as the HAES movement) but science constantly debunks this with evidence that proves that carrying excess fat is not compassionate to one’s self, nor at all healthy. Lifestyle-related diseases, particularly diabetes and obesity, has been shown to be responsible for the 800,000 new cases of cancer being diagnosed globally each year. This is the first time that scientists have studied the link between cancer and these two factors.

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