Edge of Wonder — Amazing UFO Footage & Real Alien Contact Experiences with Peter Maxwell Slattery – August 7, 2019

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Amazing UFO Footage & Real Alien Contact Experiences with Peter Maxwell Slattery

By Edge of Wonder
Streamed live on Aug 6, 2019

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James Gilliland — ECETI News: Contact in the Desert – June 6, 2019

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ECETI NEWS June 5th 2019 – Contact in the Desert

First, I want to thank Victoria, Paul and the staff for putting on an amazing and massive event. I don’t know the numbers but it looked like over 4 to 5000 people attended. Organizing and keeping an event like this flowing takes a monumental effort. I wish I could thank and hug the staff along with everyone who participated. It was hard for some of us to come down from our mountains, step out of our comfort zones, give up our privacy and walk among the masses. Some thrive on notoriety, others would rather be more secluded or in nature. I fit the second category. You get pulled in a hundred different directions, seems everyone wants a piece of you, some love you, some hate you. Then there are the rumors. I have heard them all mostly perpetuated by victims refusing to take personal responsibility. There are also people who falsely believe they can climb up on the backs of others like a crab in a net yet it only pulls both down. There are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We don’t have the luxury of getting into other people’s business if we are going to move forward in our own healing and awakening. We would all take a quantum leap if we applied this in out daily lives, karma works, forgive and let it take its course.

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Disclosure & Making Contact with UFOs & ET Extraterrestrial Event to be held in Trout Lake WA(Video) – June 12, 2017

ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel Published on Jun 11, 2017 privateinvitationeceti.com, ECETIevents.com

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