VIDEO: Up the vibe interview ~ May 5 2022 | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – May 10, 2022

This is the video version of an interview I gave for “Up The Vibe” podcast on May 5, 2022 (links below). Joe Hodgson kindly invited me to share it here. The themes discussed are: The Galactic Federation of Worlds, first contact, current updates, ET disclosure, Solar Warden, altered states of consciousness and the danger of drugs, quantum entanglement, the Taal-Shiar and the Dark Fleet, the Swaruu AI deception, dark programmings and Trojan horses, mind control and infiltration, the Orion Nebu, Gray aliens, the psychological operation called “Taygetans” exposed, how my book “A Gift From The Stars” came about, a bit about Thor Han, Val Nek, Val Thor and life onboard a spaceship, safely performing Remote Viewing, what is Consciousness, alien implants, the Prime Directive, Dimensions and Densities, Halls of Records, hidden history of Earth, Consent, Free Will, Universal laws, the Great Awakening, and a few other topics…


VIDEO: Overview of our near future with Galactic Astrology ~ with JULIA BALAZ~ April 27 2022~7pm EST | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Apr 28, 2022

Julia Balaz (Galactic Astrology & Soul Readings) and I have reconnected after 8 months since our first video together. Julia felt called to share intriguing collective themes that are coming up in sessions, as well as information about the upcoming Solar Eclipse and much more. I hope you will feel uplifted and reassured by what we shared in this delightful chat.

Read more & video(48:35):

Space Arks & Halls of Records in Antarctica, Giza, Tibet & Bahamas |


In this Exopolitics Today interview Jean Charles Moyan and Elena Danaan describe trips they both took to a Galactic Federation mothership called the Excelsior, and then to Lake Vostok in Antarctica where they witnessed a space ark with blue giants sleeping in stasis chambers. 

Read more & video: Space Arks & Halls of Records in Antarctica, Giza, Tibet & Bahamas — Exopolitics

VIDEO: CONTACT 06 -Thor Han on GIZA’s SHADOW PAST (April 21 / 6pm EST) | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Apr 22, 2022

When the Nazi’s played treasure hunt in Egypt.

This communication wasn’t a channeling but was performed by telepathic contact.

Some of the photo credits are from the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”- Steven Spielberg 1981


Rapid Heating of Neptune linked to activating Space Arks |


Astronomers are baffled by the rapid heating of the South Pole of the planet Neptune recently detected by ground-based telescopes in Chile and Hawaii. The heating corroborates a recent prediction by Thor Han Eredyon of the Galactic Federation of Worlds that Neptune would soon experience remarkable changes due to the activation of space arks resulting from the arrival of the Intergalactic Federation, aka extraterrestrial Seeders or Guardians.

Read more & video(1:31:20): “Space Arks, ET fleets, Ukraine & Human Liberation: An Interview with Alex Collier & Elena Danaan”: Rapid Heating of Neptune linked to activating Space Arks —

VIDEO: A pint with David Mahoney and Nick Sylvester ~ March 16 2022 | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered April 8, 2022

What a great time I had with these two guys, who decided to come to the western edge of Europe, where I live, to interview me. So I said “Hey, let’s go for a pint and chill out!” So that’s what we did.



By Elena Danaan – April 6, 2022

These are genuine advice to help you go through these times of confusion. Do not fall into the trap by feeding the dividing agenda of the enemy. What I am saying here is the honest truth. Raw. Because this is my job and I am here to help you and guide you throughout this dark night, whatever it costs me. Dawn is here, soon. Time will clear the mess because you know, lies never stand the test of time. Keep united, do not change your feelings towards those who decided to feed theses agendas. It is their path of learning, acknowledge it and surround them with love. We are all here, on this planet, as one.


VIDEO: Portals, Stargates, and Kundalini with Elena Danaan and Corina Pataki

By The Quest For Truth – Hidden Mysteries TV – Apr 3, 2022

In this eye-opening interview, Corina discusses the difference between portals, star gates, and worm holes with Elena; what are their functions and what is their differences? Elena also breaks down the understanding of kundalini; what exactly it is, what is its function, and how one would activate it.