[Video] Charlie Freak with Elle Bradley: Canada the Trojan Horse & The Book of Revelations and Rapture!

FreakSense TV – December 17, 2020

Warning…This is a Powerful, Important Video That Will Change Your Life Forever…Viewer Discretion is advised (by the Cabal…)

The very Uniquely Brilliant, Dr. Elle Bradley, a Canadian Psychotherapist, invited me to chat with her for the THIRD TIME this year, focusing upon what the Cabal had planned for the whole world and how their EVIL PLAN ran THRU CANADA of all places…and how PM, Justin Trudeau, is/was a very, very disturbed, evil minion of the Cabal. During the show, Elle wanted me to explain what the Book of Revelations is really all about and what Rapture truly means. It lead to a Powerful Presentation on the Truth of the Bible and the True Purpose for all of Mankind…which is to ascend to Heaven at the Right hand side of our True Father! It truly made for a brilliant show! So, sit back and enjoy this vitally important Video as to what is coming next with regards to our lives…CF

Read more & video(1:36:49): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkX-yI7W588