Daily Message ~ Friday October 5, 2018


Dear Ones, faith and trust are the antidotes to fear and doubt. The more you nurture your faith and trust, the more peace, comfort, and acceptance you can anchor into your experience, and from there hold the space and be of service.

As you go along your enlightenment journey you will have times when you step out of your faith and trust but you will always find your way back home to that centre, time and again.  You will discover those times become fewer and fewer until you no longer have to leave that base in order to come back and rediscover it. You will have integrated the energies to the point where they are your solid base, your foundation, and the place you operate from. Faith and trust will become a natural part of your beingness.

So be easy with yourselves and understand that like everything else, the anchoring of faith and trust is an energetic process. The more you leave it and come back, the more it will become your preference. This is all part of your evolution and mastery, and part of your embodiment process as you come Home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Friday September 7, 2018


We were recently asked, “How do you handle competitive people when they want to compete against you and it triggers you?”  We would like to address this today.

As you continue along your enlightenment journey, you will notice a deepening divide in how you create for yourselves compared to how others who may still be in 3D attempt to create for themselves. Those who still operate from 3D view the world as having a limited amount of what they seek. This will cause them to fight mightily for what they desire, and use all kinds of tactics to achieve it. This is, at its core, driven by a fear of there not being enough to go around, of seeing only through the eyes of success or failure, win or lose,  and looking for an external to make them whole. It is trying to find success from old energy approaches that are not nearly as supported as before, which adds to the intensity of their actions. They also must approach from a place of separation (making the opponents the enemy) in order to support their agenda.

Those who are creating from a more evolved space find their success from shining their authentic selves and knowing that whatever matches their energy, and their purpose, will naturally align with them. It is a calmer, actuated approach, because you do not fear lack. There is no need to make the other person the enemy because you know there is more than enough for everyone, and if this isn’t your match something else is. The contest becomes a means of self expression, of being rather than doing, of valuing the experience because you know whatever the outcome is, it moves you closer to your ideal situation and your highest purpose.

When you are triggered, it is because you are feeling like you need to sink to that same level to have a chance, but you know you can’t because you don’t play in those energies anymore. It may also be an opportunity for you to release old wounds where you were treated unfairly, were victimized, weren’t seen for who you really are, felt powerless, or otherwise dismissed. A moment of simple acknowledgment of those feelings and a willingness to label them and let them leave is all that is required.

So how do you handle a situation where you are trying to stay in higher energies while others are still playing in the old energies?  By understanding they are simply operating from the only system they know and that it is not personal. By knowing that there is nothing more powerful as a co-creation tool than you simply operating from your alignment, truth, beingness, and best intentions. By seeing it as an opportunity to express who you truly are, and to do things in new empowered ways. It is choosing to stay on an energetic layer that will support your ultimate success. And if your competitor does win over you it simply means that it was not your highest energetic match and that the universe, and your soul,  has something much better in mind for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Sunday August 26, 2018

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Change is such a vital part of your enlightenment journey, yet so many of you have negative feelings, fear, or resistance towards change. So we suggest, why not substitute the word change for something else that feels better to you, that you find easier to embrace?

Feel into it. Check in with your body. Try on different words. Find which one feels best to you. Is it expansion? Freedom? Metamorphosis? Transformation? Advancement? Shift? Refinement? Betterment? Unfoldment?

You could even get playful and make up a word if you like! Get creative. Have fun. Make it something that is light feeling and something you would always feel open to. This is another wonderful way to shepherd yourself as the right word will foster cooperation from your inner child and ego self.

You get to rewrite your script, Dear Ones. As your own loving parent, guide, and expert on you, you can choose new ways to present things to yourself that work best for you and support your joyful forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: There will be no daily message Monday August 27. They will resume as usual on Tuesday August 28. For fun, why not ask Gabriel what message he has for you that day and see what you receive?

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Saturday August 25, 2018

Trinity Esoterics

It can take courage to step into your highest life expression. Are you afraid you’ll be judged if you step forward in your truth? Are you afraid of assuming power or having responsibility? Do you have fear of success and/or fear of failure?

Those are the most common fears that people experience as they consider stepping into their authentic power and creating the life they truly want. We would like to address each of those fears individually.

Fear of being judged: Judgment or persecution for your truth has been used to keep people from their authentic power for centuries. This has resulted in a very deep seated fear. We are here to tell you that you are in very different times. In fact, trying to be something you are not is far likelier to result in judgment than embracing your truth. When you finally allow yourself to shine in your authenticity, you allow others to truly see you, and you will attract to you those who can appreciate you for who you really are. You will find the others who match your vibration and will celebrate you for you. It is time to accept that the times have changed and it is not only safe, but a soul priority to step forward as that divine individuated aspect of Source that you truly are.

Fear of power: If you are on your enlightenment journey, you are an old soul. This means that you have had many, many experiences with power. You have had power used against you. You have also had power and misused it because you did not know any better. Please hear us when we say that you have been exploring this issue for centuries, in preparation for the times you are now in. If you have a fear of power, you have gained a healthy respect for it and you are ready to move forward and use it appropriately with your wisdom and awareness. In fact, the opportunity to do so is very much what your soul desires, as finding your way to and embracing your authentic power is one of the main themes you are on the planet to experience.

Fear of responsibility: Many of you are afraid if you change you will have more responsibility than you can bear. Some of you are already exhausted from holding the space of love and service. Let us tell you your success does not need to add to your burden. The fear of more responsibility often comes from the martyred service paradigm. We are shifting into new templates that support joyful service. What if your highest life expression made it easier to help others, and allowed you to honour yourself in new, better ways? What if it is no longer about carrying the load for yourself and others, but rather utilizing the many supports that exist both for you and others in the universe? What if, by accepting your true authentic power you encourage others to do the same so they can assume responsibility for themselves in whatever ways honour them and learn to shine and thrive as well?

Fear of success/failure: Many of you, because you are mindful and don’t wish to make any mistakes, are reluctant to fully commit to anything. You have been focused on the ideas of good or bad, success or failure, right or wrong, all of which come from dualistic times. The energies that you are now evolving into merely seeing the value in experience. You will begin to see that every choice has value and allows you to better define yourself and continually unfold into the experiences that best match you and how you wish to express yourself. This new way of seeing things will free you up to try many more things, being easy on yourself, understanding that you can make one mindful choice at a time. This will honour the continual expansion your soul is seeking.

If you are unsure if you still have fear about stepping forward into your biggest, most beautiful life expression, you can simply ask yourself, “What would I choose if I knew everyone would be happy for me?” “What would I choose if I knew for sure it would work out?” If it is different than what you are choosing for yourself right now, you are settling, and we would advise you to choose again.

Dear Ones, you are ready. You have worked hard to get where you are. Allow your soul to take the lead. Trust where your soul is trying to take you. Embrace the unfoldment and feel the joy of expansion. That is the whole point of the work you have done to arrive where you are, and how you will pioneer into new potentials like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday August 20, 2018


On your enlightenment journey, there may be times when pain will be a precursor to expansion. Think of a chick that has outgrown the egg. The discomfort from being in a space too small is what gets it to break through the shell and emerge as a new version of self.

So what if your pain was simply an indicator that you are ready for a bigger, more expanded expression of you? What if the pain was so that you simply couldn’t stay the same and settle for for something smaller than what is your greatest potential? What if it was a wonderful sign that you are ready to birth the newest, most expanded version of you?

When you stop resisting and start to accept where your soul is trying to lead you, you move through those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible and break through to the other side where the wonder and discovery of new potentials awaits. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Thursday July 12, 2018


Freedom is allowing yourself to decide what certain elements look like for you. What does peace look like for you? Is it meditating or sitting in stillness? Or is it the joy of allowing your body to move in nature? Is it driving in the car? Or gardening?

What does love mean to you? How do you express love? How do you feel loved? How do you love yourself?

What is healing to you? What does being healed look like to you?

What does connection look like or feel like to you? How do you express gratitude? How do you align with Source? What are your innate gifts and your preferred way of being of service?

Part of the confusion that so many face as they embark on their enlightenment journey is the many voices that tell you your practices or service should look a certain way. Your mastery comes from connecting within, from finding your preferred way of shining your divinity in the ways that match your own unique expression of Source. Give yourself permission to discover the best ways for you to embody the essential elements of enlightenment, and you will be serving both yourself and the whole to your highest ability. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 10, 2018


It is very common to seek control when you feel discomfort. But your discomfort is telling you that you are in resistance to something, and to seek control would be to dig in deeper to that resistance which will only perpetuate the discomfort. What you are really looking for when you are uncomfortable is acceptance, and a willingness to move with the energies with faith and trust.

Your control, while it may seem tempting to seek the reassurance controlling action seems to give, can only offer limited results because it lacks flow and the willingness to follow your soul where it is trying to lead you. Finding acceptance with each Now moment and shifting out of the head back into the heart is the only way you can realize your greatest opportunities and experiences. This will become more and more apparent and important as you move along your enlightenment journey.

We urge you to practice, to try new empowered ways of navigation that are based on co-creation and a willingness to stay in faith and trust long enough to see what gifts the unknown can bring you. This is a skill of great importance for you as the pioneers of the next great phase of your life expressions, for acceptance of your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the universe, is the foundation of forward movement with grace, ease, comfort, and peace. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday June 28, 2018


As you continue to move forward on your enlightenment journey, you will be called to deepen your faith and trust. These are essential elements for co-creation and getting more adept at staying open to the possibilities and potentials that exist just beyond what you can see. While you will continue to develop more skill and comfort in navigating with surrender, faith, and trust, there will be times when you start to doubt, particularly when something is very important to you, or feels bigger than what you normally think you can manifest.

This is why we strongly advocate journalling your successes. Write down when you have experienced the magic and wonder of being beautifully guided into potentials you couldn’t have imagined. Chronicle the signs and synchronicities that let you know you are moving with a universe that adores you.

Why this is such a powerful practice is that it is an act of love from your present, aligned self for any time that might occur where your future self is experiencing fear or doubt. Do you see? This is you assuming the role of your own guide, lovingly putting supports in place for yourself, in the event you might require them. This is you taking steps to assure your continued alignment and success, in the most empowered way possible. You could even consider it a love letter from your knowing self to offer encouragement in case your forgetting self ever needs it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 13, 2018


Many of you on your enlightenment journey have felt very alone. You may not have had like-minded people in your inner circle to connect with and due to this may have felt rather isolated, unsupported, or different than others. There was a reason for this.

Many of you came onto the planet with active service contracts. You agreed to not only support and transmute energies on the planet, but also to create the perfect conditions in order to remember and embody who you truly are. Many of your experiences with others have been difficult, and a great many of you experienced abuse in order to keep you energetic sensitivities on high and to have fully developed empathic and compassionate traits. All of this served you in your service contracts and soul agendas.

It was easiest for you to have all of the elements required to fully activate and succeed on your service missions to be spread out all over the world. It would make no sense to have the enlightening human beings all concentrated in one area. It served the planet, and your own self discovery, to be scattered throughout the globe. One of the many ways the internet has been integral to the ascension process has been to give you a sense of connection in the midst of your solitary service missions. The lack of others to connect with also encouraged seeking out your guides and helpers to find the support and assistance you needed.

If you are one who has felt that you are without your own tribe, please be aware that this is shifting for a great many of you. Enlightening human beings who have been of the initial phase of service will be changing their service contracts, and because of this will be relocating all over the globe. You will be connecting, in person, more and more with your soul groups and divine counterparts – the souls who resonate with you and truly understand you. This has been made possible by the next wave of human beings who are waking up and ready to step into their own service, filling the vacancies you will leave behind. These connections all come about naturally and with ease when the timing is perfect.

So trust, Dear Ones, that all of it – every last bit of it – has been to honour your soul’s mission and your highest life expressions. It is indeed unfolding in the most wondrous ways, and you are moving into the next amazing phase that is now possible because of the hard work and consistent efforts you have made over the years. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



Daily Message ~ Sunday March 11, 2018

Most people, at some stage of their enlightenment journey, need to examine their boundaries with others in order to support and move through their own healing processes. This is a vital part of stepping into your authentic power. What we wish for people to know is there is not one static point in any of…Read more

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