Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 22, 2018


We wish to reiterate the importance of having fun as part of your enlightenment process moving forward. Getting in touch with what brings you joy is essential as you begin to navigate in the new, higher vibrational energies. Sadly, so many of you have been so serious for so long you don’t even know what that is any more.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do? What were your interests and passions? Your childhood can hold many clues because as children you are least resistant to your soul preferences. What types of things did you like to do? What were you naturally good at? Where did you focus most of your free time? What elements of those activities can you bring forward now to match who you have grown into?

Do you think having fun is frivolous? Or do you think you have to forfeit fun in order to watch over everyone else? We are shifting from the old paradigm of martyred service into joyful service. What if following your joy was the way to your highest service? We can tell you that it is. Joy and presence are indicators of alignment and embodying higher vibrating energies, which only serves the whole. Honouring the importance of fun is also healing for you, as it allows your inner child to come back to the forefront and have their needs met.

It is time to release the old belief that fun is irresponsible and should be last on your to-do list. It is time to put the light back into enlightenment but honouring your soul’s interests, passions, and the activities that bring you joy as the essential elements they truly are. By finally allowing how your soul yearns to express itself, you begin to shimmer and shine in your true glory. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 7, 2018


It is a great blessing that you have access to so much information. This is allowing accelerated growth and expansion in many of you, as you have so much knowledge at your fingertips. This is contributing greatly to your enlightenment process and the awakening of the planet.

And yet, with so much information there will be many different voices, opinions, and perspectives. It can seem chaotic when there is much conflicting information being presented. While we understand it can seem overwhelming, this is also a great gift for you, for it makes it necessary for you to hone your discernment, to connect within to see what resonates, to take what fits for you and simply leave the rest behind, and to ultimately know the greatest path to follow is the one led by your own wisdom and heart.

So rest easy with the noise and find the stillness within. The many, many options that are being presented to you are allowing you to discover your own truth like never before and that, Dear Ones, is empowerment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 24, 2018


Your energetic shifting will take on its own ebb and flow. There will be times when you are integrating new energy and that will take precedence over all other things. During such times, you may not feel like doing some of your typical spiritual practices. Instead, you may be drawn to activities that focus on the body and the human experience. Once you have fully integrated the latest shift into your body, if you are allowing yourself to flow with the energies, you will get back into your more spiritual interests.

Your soul knows exactly what it is doing during your enlightenment process. Allow it to take the lead. You are not just spiritual, nor are you just human. You are both and both are equally important. There will be times when it is best for one aspect to take the lead for a while. You are in a dance of release, receive, integrate, ground, and repeat. All of it serves your evolution, so trust and allow what you are feeling drawn to as the empowered expert on you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Friday July 20, 2018


As you move forward in the next phase of your enlightenment process, you will start to understand more and more the importance of being rather than doing. You will learn to ride the waves of energy, harnessing the power of what each wave individually supports, whether it be inspired forward movement or simply staying in a quiet space of presence. This will create far greater comfort and ease for you because you will be continually moving with the energies, rather than trying to move against them.

This will also allow you to be far more efficient with your time and efforts than ever before, and will take the guess work out of things for you. You will, with your faith and trust and deepest knowing, know the unfoldment is always serving you in your evolution and highest service, which shifts you into the experience of peace, regardless of what phase you may find yourself in. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Thursday July 5, 2018


Are you in resistance to yourself? Love is the ultimate act of acceptance for yourself, exactly as you are. Moving out of resistance is what allows you far greater comfort and forward movement, and beginning within is the ideal place to start. This is why self love is such an integral part of the enlightenment process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Saturday June 9, 2018


We wish to explain to you how we can say things are no longer energetically supported, yet they seem to continue in your reality.

Think of an operating system on your computer. When a new updated version is released, there are those who will excitedly embrace it. There are people who will wait until others have tried it for a while before they decide to upgrade. And there are others who will resist change and carry on with the old. This will work for the short term, but over time it will start to be fraught with difficulties and become harder and harder to use. This will lead to much frustration until they are finally ready to embrace a new way of doing things.

It is exactly the same with your enlightenment process. As you continue to evolve, there will be those who excited embrace the new, others who are content to let people blaze the trail first before they embrace the new ways of doing things, and others who will wait until they are completely uncomfortable before they move forward. But you know it doesn’t really matter when everyone gets on board, they all surely will in their own perfect timing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 1, 2017


Dear Ones, your divinity is always there. It is your alignment and acceptance of your own truth that allows you the experience of it.

That is why your self care practices are so important – they help keep you in the alignment that helps you remember who you really are, and what you know. The more you choose the self love and care that allows you to stay in that space, the more your own unique beauty and contributions will shine, which not only serves you and your soul journey, but also all of humanity.

There is nothing in the world more breathtakingly beautiful than a human being shining the light of their own authenticity as a glorious individuation of Source energy. For those of you who still feel an urgency to hurry up and do something, it is coming from your soul craving to shine, unapologetically, in its own glorious light.

That is the core of the enlightenment process – coming home to the divine light that you are, and then having the courage to let it shine for the entire world to see, and through that action lighting the way for others to find the way to their own divine truth, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Sunday August 13, 2017

One of the most nurturing things you can do for yourselves, especially during times of energetic intensity, is to consciously connect with the sun and allow the healing rays to wash over you and soothe you. You and the sun are so connected and it is playing a major role in your enlightenment process. It is a wonderful resource that we encourage you to utilize for your healing, shifting, and comfort. Ten minutes a day on your bare skin with the clear intention to receive its gifts and support is all that is required. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 18, 2017


Dear Ones, to better understand your enlightenment process, think of a video game. When you complete one phase or level, it opens up brand new areas and potentials. You may seem to be playing as you always have, but then you realize you have brand new abilities!

You might meet new challenges to help you discover everything you can do with your new skills. Things may seem very similar, or very different, but you know that it is still evolution from where you were, and filled with elements to discover as well as different kinds of help along the way.

So to put it in terms you can best understand, you are all levelling up for each and every shift you go through, and that is a wonderful thing, even if you haven’t quite figured out how everything works yet. The joy is in the discovery. ~Archangel Gabriel