Daily Message ~ Friday December 8, 2017

If you are experiencing doubt or resistance, stop and ask yourself, “Is this fear?” Is the fear based on anything concrete or is it due to the unknown of the future? If the fear is concrete, explore your feelings around it. Is this a cycle or pattern? Does this match who you are today vs…Read more

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Andromedan Upgrades & Downloads ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 8, 2017


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We brought forth a tremendous amount of energy, and you have all demonstrated an ability to absorb and assimilate that energy. Now you have a new opportunity to receive from some of our galactic partners.

There are beings from the Andromedan Star System who want to help, and their energy is quite different. It is quite dissimilar to our energy and to your own, and so as you receive it you may feel that you are not in alignment. You may feel, for a time, as though you are experiencing more ascension symptoms, tiredness, and disorientation.

The good news is that with your Andromedan upgrades and downloads, you will be able to access parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. You will have new perspectives and a myriad of guidance coming from within you, and the entire experience is going to elevate your frequency and make you more available to other extra-terrestrial beings for contact.

You are moving beyond where we expected you to be at this point, and especially those of you who are awakened, for you are the ones leading the human collective. You are the ones taking humanity beyond where any of us in the higher realms thought you would be at this time. You can pat yourselves on the back, and you can give yourselves plenty of rest and relaxation in order to keep up with these Andromedan energies.

There is something quite jarring about receiving so much, but the growing pains are symptoms that you are releasing that which no longer serves you in the process. You are capable of opening yourselves up and receiving so much energy and information, and you are still just dipping your toes into the waters. Soon enough, however, you will feel the positive ramifications of all of this, and you will integrate all aspects of yourself, making you the beautiful whole beings that you always intended to be in this lifetime.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: danielscranton.com


5 Attachments to Release on the Path of Enlightenment — October 8, 2017

You probably don’t need me to tell you that spirituality isn’t all about feeling positive or uplifted. The enlightenment path requires us to sacrifice things that hold us back and keep us from making progress, and maybe this is where the notion of religious sacrifice was created. Most religious sacrifices throughout history have been unnecessarily violent…Read more

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The Eye Of The Beholder – September 13, 2017

An artist knows that inspiration can come from anything in your human existence.  Opening your mind, heart and soul to the movement of everyday Earth plane experiences may be challenging if you are not used to it, but can be accomplished.  The more your practice, the better you become.
Today, take a few moments to look around you.  See the beauty in everyday things, hear the music in the sounds around you….allow your soul to be safely touched. Embrace ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’ and it will change you forever. ~ Creator



(Channeled message) – Archangel Michael: Relax – September 10, 2017

aa michael

I wanted to send an email because I see so much fear and negativity around all the natural happenings taking place.  I didn’t know who would come through, I’m thrilled to say this is a message from Archangel Michael: 

Greetings, it is I Archangel Michael!!

I am not usually the one at the forefront of Shelly’s channeling but I am always present in the background.  I wanted to speak out at this time because of this transformation taking place.

Let me say to you first of all; if you are someone impacted by all these changes taking place then please, receive my energetic sword of light to cut through all that  you are experiencing.  It is for you to hold  and I hope feel my presence.  It is to assist you with disconnecting from all the fear and confusion taking place. I stand with you at all times, no matter what is taking place.

I have been one of the guardians of the earth over many millenniums.  Therefore I have been with  you, humanity through the many evolutionary changes.  There have been plagues, fires, flooding, earthquakes before and humanity continues on.  This will happen this time also.  Yes, some people feel this is the end or the beginning of the end. It is not.

However, humanity stands in a very powerful and unique place.  You are consciously raising the vibration of the earth and earth is adjusting to that change.  So too many of the people who have been in control will no longer have the power they are used to wielding.  There is a great deal of information that will emerge as society becomes fully seated in the 5th dimension and there are certain factions who would like to see it suppressed.  They will NOT succeed.

Now is the time to choose to come together in strength.  Now is the time to choose to come together in support.  Now is the time to choose to recognize each of you are actually of the same race — the human race! Therefore support each other as you would support yourself.

When you gather together throughout the world in meditation, prayer or intention you are more powerful than you realize and yes  you can defuse a hurricane.  The energies of negativity, fear, domination, control or anything along that line CANNOT stand in the space of light, love, compassion and balance.  Therefore I ask each of you to join me.

No matter where  you are in the world, no matter what the time take a few minutes to join with my energy.  (I’m envisioning all of holding hands as we surround the earth many times around.)

  • Breathe down inside your heart center.  To do so is to connect to the love within  you.
  • Ask if there is any fear, anxiety or hatred within you at this moment.  If there is, acknowledge it and gently bring it up from within  you.  Bring it up and as you  breathe out release it from  your energy field.  Envision my sword of light assisting you with clearing.
  • Again breathe into your heart center this time tapping into love, compassion, balance and your divinity allowing it to fill up within your heart.  As you do so, let it cleanse your energy bodies.
  • As you breathe gently and easily send this energy into the hurricanes, the fire, the flooding; whatever may be happening in your awareness.  As you do, have the clear intention that this will move into ANYTHING and diffuse all imbalance or negativity.

You may do this as often as you choose. Remember you are the conduit this balanced energy flows through.  Remember you are not to ‘take on’ anything that is not your own.  Simply being in that space of love, light and balance will create profound changes in the world.

I thank you my beloved family.  I am as always in your service.


Remember to stay outside of fear as much as possible.  Remember that you are not alone~~~

Much love,


Source: Goddess Light

Credit: Era Of Light


A channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council August 31, 2017 through Valerie Donner







Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. As most of you know I currently work full time with the Earth Council.

Since our last report the ascension energies have been amplified. We think you know what we mean. The solar eclipse that just occurred on August 21 passing across the United States brought forth a powerful clearing, healing and shift. It happened where it was needed the most. The United States is in the midst of a great shift. It’s going from power over the people to power of the people. It’s shifting to the way that this country was originally intended to be. Even though it is in the midst of the separation and might appear otherwise we want you to know that this will rebalance and that the populace will reunify.

From our vantage point, this is happening expeditiously. It is extremely important that the United States and this part of the world exemplifies the shift in consciousness that the earth is going through. The United States was intended to be a model government. It was never supposed to be the way it is now. Please remain faithful to your vision for your country as well as for your planet. This statement applies to every country because each is going through their testing process so that humanity can decide once and for all if they are choosing the light or not. We know how this prevails.

We along with the other Galactic’s are providing intense focus on all that is occurring now on the planet. We have already intervened with weaponry that could be destructive to all of life. Those with big egos who think that they could have power over the planet and life would be proven sorely wrong. They will not be allowed to wrong the planet or humanity any further. There is a coming together of many like-minded powerfully caring individuals who are working behind the scenes to improve all aspects of life on the earth. Their sole focus first and foremost is to balance out the financial situation so that all will have their needs met. From great caring and sharing the fear of not having enough will be eradicated completely from the earth.

We understand that you have long been promised pieces of the financial pie in the sky held by those who consider themselves worthy of all this money. The days of their reign and financial control are rapidly coming to a conclusion. Many have given promises and false information to you. You have set false hopes based upon fallacies. Yet you know in your hearts that you are intended to have all the abundance that your Creator has provided for all of life on the earth. This abundance was never intended to be horded.

You are at the threshold of a whole new life on a whole new earth. This time of chaos is necessary for the consciousness to expand and evolve. Please paint a picture in your heart and in your mind of what this new life will be and how it will feel. The many distractions that you have had mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally will come to completion. This will allow your thoughts and pure hearts to live in peace on the planet Earth.

As you continue to complete the cycle of darkness and as you move into the Golden Age, you find your enlightenment expands exponentially. As this happens you will become a part of unity consciousness. We are waiting for you. We love you and are at your service.

I am Mira sending you love from the Pleiades and the Earth Council.