Europe Defender 2020, GESARA — Rinus Verhagen – May 9, 2020

Europe Defender 2020, GESARA -- Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

May 8, 2020

What can we expect these 3 days of great CABAL cleaning, in my humble opinion, based on facts now known.

It is now known that the Pain has begun.

A while ago, after consultation with White Russia, Putin has taken over the whole country if I have understood this correctly.

Tomorrow, May 9, 2020, the German Empire will be reinstated.

Because of this the borders will also apply from 1871 before the First World War. →

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Quality of Life, End of Lock Down — Rinus Verhagen – April 24, 2020

Quality of Life, End of Lock Down -- Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

April 23, 2020

Dear readers, we are currently seeing what the globalists are rolling out, indoctrinating the population to voluntarily walk up with a muzzle for a flu of the lowest category.

What is striking is that politicians are all saying it themselves, the new normal of 1.5 meters away.

Fear rules and affects the lives of almost the entire world population, people have let themselves be frightened, by the Satanic political accomplices of the NWO.

I want to give an example of what I have experienced myself, have worked all my life and have built up an existence. →

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