Ascension into the 5th Dimension (Exploring Primary Concepts) | Wake Up World – July 22nd, 2020

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What exactly does it mean to be ‘Ascending into the 5th Dimension’ and how do you know if you’re ascending?

Ascension has become a hot topic of late, especially as we sail into climate crisis and as the infusion of galactic energies transform Gaia and the Solar System. There’s much misunderstanding that needs to be clarified. For example, we don’t ascend to a ‘dimension’, rather a density, and not just one, but a range, in this case the 5th, 6th and 7th densities, where the new form of the divine human, DIVINICUS, is taking shape. →

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The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: Feeling A Little Low? – February 24, 2019

The next time you feel a little low…think of this;

The Universe is an amazing place and you are an amazing part of it!  The emotions you feel and the existence you create is definitively unique.  With pure thought, intention and forward action from you, anything you dream or wish for can be yours.  The beauty of your soul is infinite.  The complexities of who you are and the fact that you chose to be here, helping your Earth plane grow is a credit to your strength!  Please remember, my dearest child; without you, your world would not be as bright as it is now.  You are loved beyond measure! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Baldor via Nancy Tate, May 31st, 2017

Wake up Call: Baldor, May 31, 2017 There is a time coming when all of the concerns that are present on the earth right now will be set aside and the solutions will be in place. That in itself…Read more

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Lover – May 5, 2017

Being a lover is so much more than an intimate physical connection between two people. View yourself as a lover of life, of dreams, of your fellow humans. Knowing this can be possible, within and beyond the basic definition, will change your Earth-plane existence. ~ Creator Category: The Creator Writings

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This Is You…. April 8, 2017

The quiet, waiting moments reveal a lot about who you really are inside. Quiet yourself and listen. This is you breathing….in peace, in love and in existence. You are beautiful! ~ Creator Category: The Creator Writings

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Saul via John Smallman, November 5th, 2016

You are free beings, utterly unlimited, just as God intended. 11/05/2016 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Saturday November 5th Humanity’s awakening is proceeding apace. Keep on holding and renewing the intent for it to occur because it is you,…Read more

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