Daily Message ~ Monday July 9, 2018


We understand that many of you have been conditioned to fear change and the unknown. But it is through change that you continue to evolve and expand, and move into that which you desire. You cannot heal without change. Finding a new love is change. Connecting with new people and passions is change. Moving into better energetic matches comes with change. The things you wish to manifest can only find you if you allow and accept change.

It is safe for you to move forward into the unknown, in fact, you will continue to move forward with far more comfort, ease, and joy if you can embrace the unfoldment of your highest life expression. Change is an essential tool for transformation. Isn’t it time to release that old fear of change and allow yourself to experience the joy of expansion, for that is what truly makes your soul sing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Friday July 6, 2018


We were recently asked,”How do I see us all as one when there is so much hurt and harm in the world?” We would like to address this today.

Not long ago we offered a daily message explaining the concept of vibrational layers. We asked you to imagine a building that contained a basement, a main floor, and upper floor, and an attic. The basement, or lowest layer, was a level of vibrational density. It was dark and uncomfortable. The people living there had might have a concept of other floors but haven’t yet disengaged from that energy enough to climb up the stairs. You could consider this layer to be 3D.

The people living in the middle floor have a good knowing of both the density of the basement and the existence of a floor above them, and may periodically move between the two. You might consider this to be 4D.

There are other people still who resonate with the upper floor. These are the people who are well on their enlightenment journey. They are practicing far greater awareness and are dedicated to their growth and expansion, and embodying their highest selves. They are in remembrance of their own divine nature. They also have access to the attic, which is where you might find the angelic and masters residing.

All of these different layers exist within the structure of the building, all coexisting on their own levels. They are all part of the whole. So we ask you, if the building caught fire, would you only save certain people based on a certain level of attainment or would you rush to save everyone inside? You might be surprised to realize your first priority might be to assist those in the basement first, understanding they are in the most danger because they are stuck in a place that is more difficult to get out of. Your instincts show you that you already have unconditional love in your heart and honour the worthiness of even the most challenging aspects of the whole.

This example should allow you to see how many different layers can exist within the entirety of the whole, but also how you can have love and compassion for all aspects of the whole, regardless of what level they are residing in. It allows you to simply see and support people wherever they are, as all are equally precious and valuable. As you continue to evolve and grow, you won’t need extremes to see this, but will be able to embody that knowingness more and more in your day to day lives, as you will hold your balance, your love, and your mastery with greater consistency. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Thursday June 21, 2018


We wish to congratulate you for arriving at this sacred day so markedly different than you were at your last solstice. Your solstices serve as energetic save points, if you will, that lock in your progress. This opens up a brand new platform for you to create, explore, and pioneer from for the second part of your year. The speeding up of your enlightenment process is clear to see when you reflect on how much has been achieved in such a short period of time.

This is a time of great celebration, for your up-levelling opens up even greater potentials and possibilities for both you and your planet moving forward. Take a moment to reflect and wonder at all you and your brothers and sisters of light have achieved by so diligently working on your own growth and expansion that also serves the whole so beautifully. You are doing a truly magnificent job. We salute you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday June 18, 2018


As you start moving forward as the pioneers and empowered co-creators of your life expressions, we want you to understand the power of playing in the energies of expansion.

To put it in terms that are easy to understand, using the power tool of expansion involves always being one step beyond what you are creating. For example, let us suppose you wish to manifest a new place to live. As soon as you have put out that intention, you may wish to think of how you would like to decorate it. The act of considering the next step of the manifestation holds the energy that the first step is already a done deal. It is another way of anchoring it into your existence and expressing your faith and trust that it is already manifested.

If you keep creating just beyond what you can see, you are letting the energies continue to expand to serve you, and you will stay in constant forward movement while allowing the universe to do what it does so well, which is come up with the solutions that match you and your desires perfectly. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Thursday June 7, 2018


Dear Ones, every time you try to control you end up not only restricting the potential of the Now moment, you also restrict the potential of your future. We understand that you seek control to give yourself a sense of safety and security, but the way to truly move forward in the way that best supports you is through conscious creation through broader intention, surrender, and flow.

Everything you seek comes from allowing the unfoldment of surrender and flow. Love, healing, abundance, creation, growth, enlightenment, your highest purpose – all of these elements require continued flow and freedom to become as big, beautiful, and miraculous as they can be.

Understand expansion and unfoldment are necessary for your soul to comfortably move with the universe. Trust. Flow. Start to see the unfoldment as a magical path. Be loose enough to let each Now moment expand into it’s full potential. This is a new, much more empowered way of navigating your life that will get you to your fullest expression of self, over and again, if you are willing to step into a new way of being. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Monday June 4, 2018


You are exactly where you are right now because you are doing a wonderful job. You have moved through so many experiences and continue to be dedicated to your growth and expansion. Celebrate yourselves today, Dear Ones, for all that you have achieved and all you will continue to do, embracing the opportunities of the unprecedented energies of today. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Thursday May 31, 2018


A reader responded to yesterday’s daily message asking how they could “unset up” some of the opportunities (sometimes referred to by you as lessons or tests) they have placed on their path for their growth and expansion and move into more joy. We wish to address this today.

You will have specific themes you wish to experience and master within your incarnation. They will loop around periodically to give you opportunities to see them in new ways, to choose how you wish to react, and assess how much you have grown.

What if you approached a theme much like you would a theatre production that comes into your community to offer the same play every once in a while. You could decide you don’t ever want to see it and avoid it completely. You could decide you will see it next time. You could decide to show up and have the experience. You could decide you would like to see it again because it still has something for you. You could decide you don’t need to have the experience again because you’ve already taken everything it has to offer you from the previous appearances you have attended. It is merely giving you an opportunity.

How do you know a theme still has something to offer you? When you are resistant to it or feel triggered by it. If that is so, try changing how you look at it. Try seeing it from a higher perspective as an observer. Ask, “What does my inner master see?” “What is the gift of this experience?” Your soul will set up these intersections of experience throughout your lifetime to give you plenty of opportunity to move through it whenever the time is right for you.

The amount of joy you experience in your life expression is not dependant upon not having challenges. It is all about perspective. You experience more joy from being present, from practicing gratitude, by choosing joy in the in-between spaces that are far more prevalent than the challenging periods are. It is about choosing activities that allow you to experience alignment, purpose, and enjoyment. It comes from looking for the magic and beauty that is there to find in each Now moment.

Expansion is what gives your soul a sense of freedom and joy, so from that perspective even your challenges lead to the experience of greater satisfaction and opportunities if you allow them to serve you. So be easy with yourself. Flow. Trust. Look and appreciate what is working for you in the Now rather than worrying what the future may or not bring. The recurrence of themes does not need to be something to be feared or used to diminish your potential for joy, for that potential is always there if you can simply start to allow it to bubble up from within you as a delighted response to your recognition of your innate alignment with Source. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young