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Psychiatry views healthy eating behavior as a ‘mental disorder’ — – May 6, 2019

(NaturalHealth365) Is it really possible that wanting to eat healthy constitutes a mental disorder?  According to psychiatry, the answer is ‘yes!’

The psychiatric community even made up a special name for this “mental condition” called,orthorexia nervosa.’  And, of course, their goal is to medicate people for this condition.

Orthorexia nervosa is officially described as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.”  Oh no, what will they think of next?!

Originally, when this idea first came out, the mainstream media jumped all of this story … reporting the significance of this mental health discovery.  And, since then, the public is often told that it’s not ‘normal’ for anyone to want to grow their own food, eat (only) clean and natural foods or, for that matter, to be ‘overly concerned’ with the nutritional content of what they eat.

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Terror and Other False Flags are Not Working Anymore, So… — Covert Geopolitics – Aug 19, 2018

The Church Pedophiles are now exposed in mainstream media big time, but their useful diversionary terrorist assets are scampering for safe havens into US, Canada and Europe. The instigation for racial hate wasn’t that effective, too. So, they have no other choice but do this…Read more & video “Ted Gunderson – Satanism in USA”

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Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…. – Aug 3, 2018

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open….

Posted on 2018, July, 25

Hollywood is near the heart of the beast as far as child abuse is concerned. Hollywood is also a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be – an information laundry for the criminal cabal and its many crimes from human trafficking, drug trafficking to pedophilia.

Several brave people are coming forward to expose what has been going on in Hollywood.

[last updated 31 July]

1. Mike Cernovich has recently exposed James Gunn’s history of hundreds of old pedophilic tweets.Mike Cernovich James Gunn Endorses Pedophilia in 10,000 Deleted Tweets [79]

(Warning: Offensive content)

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