James Gilliland — ECETI News: Contact in the Desert – June 6, 2019

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ECETI NEWS June 5th 2019 – Contact in the Desert

First, I want to thank Victoria, Paul and the staff for putting on an amazing and massive event. I don’t know the numbers but it looked like over 4 to 5000 people attended. Organizing and keeping an event like this flowing takes a monumental effort. I wish I could thank and hug the staff along with everyone who participated. It was hard for some of us to come down from our mountains, step out of our comfort zones, give up our privacy and walk among the masses. Some thrive on notoriety, others would rather be more secluded or in nature. I fit the second category. You get pulled in a hundred different directions, seems everyone wants a piece of you, some love you, some hate you. Then there are the rumors. I have heard them all mostly perpetuated by victims refusing to take personal responsibility. There are also people who falsely believe they can climb up on the backs of others like a crab in a net yet it only pulls both down. There are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We don’t have the luxury of getting into other people’s business if we are going to move forward in our own healing and awakening. We would all take a quantum leap if we applied this in out daily lives, karma works, forgive and let it take its course.

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Advanced, non-human UFO technology repeatedly observed, documented and filmed by U.S. Navy pilots — NaturalNews.com – June 1, 2019

Natural News) Strange aircraft with a seeming ability to defy the laws of physics have reportedly been making routine appearances along the Eastern seaboard, and the United States military says it isn’t sure where they’re coming from, or what they even are.

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Pentagon Admits That They Are Still Investigating UFOs – Because They’re Real — Collective Evolution – May 27, 2019

In Brief

  • The Facts:

The Pentagon recently admitted that they still have programs to investigate and study UFOs.

  • Reflect On:

Governments an those above them have been studying this phenomenon for more than 100 years. What have they found out? Have they had contact with extraterrestrials? Have they reverse engineered these craft?

In 1979, General Carlos Castro Cavero told the world that “Everything is in a process of investigation, both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” He said that “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and that there…

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(Videos) The Event and How it is Connected to Ascension – May 12, 2019

The Event & How It Is Connected to Ascension

This article was republished with permission from the author.

Source: Mass Awakening | by Shoshi Herscu

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist, Israeli activist, and a writer. My book Mass Awakening is a full disclosure book covering the Cabal’s dark agenda, the mass awakening of humanity globally, the global currency reset, the Event, and new earth.


A year after my awakening in 2013, in which I found out about the Cabal’s dark agenda being implemented worldwide, I found out about something very positive and unusual called “The Event” describing a single event during which some of the following is supposed to happen. According to COBRA (the acronym of compression breakthrough), these things are supposed to happen during “The Event”:

• The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
• The reset of the Financial Systems.
• Disclosure—the release of ET information.
• The beginning of a new, fairer financial system with prosperity funds for all humanity.
• NEW Political system, Education system, Healthcare system, etc.

However, after being disappointed by COBRA’s spreading inaccurate, and worse, information I started searching for more credible information about this “Event” from other sources.


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James Gilliland — ECETI News: Ascension Wave, Pitfalls to Avoid – May 10, 2019

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May 11 2019

Ascension Wave, Pitfalls to Avoid

We are in the middle of another major ascension wave. It is coming from the Central Sun telegraphed through the other Suns throughout the Galaxy. Those more sensitive will feel in on the 9th, it peaks on the 11 then a few days afterward it will be vibrationally lifting Humanity and the Earth. These waves are continuous, increasing exponentially and affect people according to their consciousness and Self-Mastery. Even the lightworkers will be challenged to face aspects of themselves, old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience. No one is immune. It is time to get back to basics. I have found that many who claim to be enlightened or leaders have forgotten the mirror effect. What see I am I. In these times many will succumb to spiritual ego, or their own unfinished business. It will be like an accelerated boomerang. Within the Spiritual and UFO community there has been a lot of gossip, competition, power struggles. We have to ask ourselves how does this fit into enlightenment, leadership or personal responsibility? Who’s ignorance and character is being established? The old one finger pointing at others while three pointing back still applies. Many masters of the past have given us rules to apply to live in harmony. Gossip is a big one today, self-righteousness is another trap that many people are finding themselves in, tying themselves to other’s wagons. Forgiveness frees everyone. Not forgiving and seeking revenge holds both parties down. Judgement is judgement and we are here for soul evolution and to master judgement. There is a difference between judgement and discernment. Discernment has no charge and comes with self-reflection.

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Alternative News – April 4, 2019

Patriot Intel Report: “Brexit” — April 4, 2019

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Central Banking Exposed — Debt, Profit and Control


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Brad Johnson’s Earth Intelligence Report — April 2019

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Patriot Intel Report — April 3, 2019

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Alternative News – April 2, 2019

Scientists Discover a Multidimensional Universe Inside the Brain

Image Credit: Blue Brain Project

Edge of Wonder — Great Awakening in Europe, Memes Censored, China in Antarctica?

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RedPill78 — SCOTUS Sighting, Comey 2020, AOC Low IQ

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