The coronavirus pandemic is over, but the VACCINE pandemic is only just beginning |

Monday, May 31, 2021 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) It’s over folks. Over. Take off your useless, bacteria-laden mask and quit that ridiculous social distancing. Take your vitamin D and your zinc. Take your medicinal mushrooms. So you had to “eat” a whole year of fear-mongering and pandemic propaganda, but it’s finally come to a close for the ones who “know” what fake news really means, and what the CCP/Biden Regime is really capable of – insidiousness.

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All is an Illusion 3/3 | The Final Wakeup Call

Fake News

Fraudulent State Bookkeeping

Welfare Economy out of whack

How human minds are controlled

No Healthcare but Sickness is the objective

People are not aware how subtly their lives have been influenced

The economy and financial markets have been falsified by phony money

Bogus Defence

Covid mRNA spike protein injection is infectious human bio bomb

COVID Vaccine Creates Variants 

Be armed with the truth

By The Final Wakeup Call – May 26, 2021

You are being lied to and deceived

Most people lack critical thinking, but it is time for all of us to be armed with the truth, so read on and spread this knowledge. These subjects are outrageous because it affects all of us.

‘Nothing is what it seems’ and that must become common knowledge under the public over-all. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, no scientist has been able to locate this virus. We are being depopulated by our own government, that has been bribed and stays under control of the Satanic Deep State. This satanic control is the result of very well organised long-term conspiracies with the only purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.

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Nederlands: Alles is een illusie 3/3

Rigide censuur heeft onze abonneemailingdienst uitgeschakeld. Duidelijk, zonder censuur, is het MSM-verhaal ontzield. Alleen, alternatieve media brengt waarheid. Wees behulpzaam en deel deze grondig gerechercheerde artikelen met iedereen. Dit wordt onze laatste bevrijdingsstrijdronde. Het is ieders belang velen te informeren….Continue Reading

Deutsch: Alles ist eine Illusion 3/3

Die rigide Zensur hat unseren Abonnenten-Versanddienst deaktiviert. Ohne Zensur wurde das MSM-Narrativ eindeutig entschärft. Alleine, alternative Medien bringen die Wahrheit. Bitte seien Sie unterstützend und teilen Sie diese gründlich recherchierten Artikel mit allen. Dies wird unsere letzte Runde der Befreiungsschlachten…Continue Reading


 | the marshall report

Anyone who has ever went down rabbit holes to determine if an event was a false flag or real, and if a person was a crisis actor or real, will love this. Those who are never sure what the other person is seeing will also enjoy learning how these people know what they know. And […]


Pro-vaccine media is just a front for the CIA |

March 02, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Not long before he was banned from Instagram for “sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” health freedom advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report to discuss evidence suggesting that his father, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

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Cilla Benkö – När ska du lämna systemediafängelset? | NewsVoice

NewsVoice – 25 Februari, 2021

DEBATT. Att läsa grannens DN varje morgon gör att man snabbt vaknar till. ”Varför är det så tyst om hur pandemin hotar vår demokrati?” Det frågar sig äntligen en respekterad skribent, journalisten och författaren Anita Goldman i DN under vinjetten Ide och Kritik den 23 februari. När alternativa medier sedan länge ställt samma fråga, så har den avfärdats som högerextremism och svek mot demokratin. Det skriver Harriet Larsson också kritiserar Cilla Benkö, VD på SR.

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NewsVoice anmäler SVT till Granskningsnämnden – en del av MPRT…hur ska det gå? | NewsVoice

NewsVoice – 21 Februari, 2021

MEDIA OCH GRANSKNING. SVT har gått över gränsen för vad som är etiskt acceptabelt när kanalen i en “hit piece” försökte få 100.000-tals TV-tittare att associera NewsVoice med hot, hat, våld och ett dataintrång på myndigheten MPRT. Vi anmäler därför inslaget till Granskningsnämnden. Problemet är att nämnden är en del av MPRT som i detta ärende medialt redan samarbetar med både SVT och DN för att negativt hänga ut NewsVoice efter att vi avslöjat felaktiga myndighetsbeslut och misstänkt korruption på MPRT!

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UN Claims: ‘Staggering Rise In Climate Related Disasters’ — Reality: DOWNWARD Trend In Disasters | HAF

Number Climate Related Downward Trend 2

Humans Are Free – February 2, 2021

by P. Gosselin

The UNDRR report’s Foreword and press release were opposite the report’s own findings, and spread panic when none was warranted.

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How Science & Facts Became “Fake News” In The COVID-19 BioSecurity State – w/ Spiro | Activist Post

Activist Post – December 26, 2020 | By The Last American Vagabond

Joining Ryan Cristián today on this week’s Rokfin exclusive, is the recently censored Spiro, here to discuss the rise of technocratic censorship in the age of COVID-19, as well as the alarming rate at which easily verifiable facts are being deemed “fake news” by the establishment media.

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Signs of Weakness — The Final Wakeup Call

Never believe government’s numbers

More Scam to keep the show going

Elites are Desperate to stay on in power

The ‘race to debase’ your purchasing power

Our Revolution has started

The Final Wakeup Call – December 2, 2020

The Weakness of paper money

Precisely this non-backing of currency is the inherent weakness of our “paper money”, governments have the power to declare paper to be “legal tender”, but they do not have the power to give that money value. This is something that no one, especially not politicians will tell you, if they even understand this. All Central Banks should be abolished. The average citizen doesn’t have a clue how dangerous and corrupt the Central Bank Money System and their governments really are. They are worldwide the greatest enemy of the people.

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Nederlands: Tekens van zwakte

Geloof nooit de cijfers van de overheid Meer oplichterij om de show gaande te houden Elites proberen wanhopig aan de macht te blijven De race om je koopkracht te verlagen Onze revolutie is nu begonnen   De zwakte van het…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Hinzeige von Schwäche

Glauben Sie niemals den Zahlen der Regierung Mehr Betrug, um die Show am Laufen zu halten Eliten versuchen verzweifelt, an der Macht zu bleiben Der Wettlauf zur Senkung Ihrer Kaufkraft Unsere Revolution hat jetzt begonnen   Die Schwäche des Papiergeldes…Continue Reading →