Video: Update False Alien Invasion | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – April 11, 2021

What the Galactic Federation says about it. The real Alien invasion already happened since the 1940’s. Anything showing up as a display of force in our skies can only be a show from the Dark Alliance (DS, Orion group, Repts & friends) in the purpose of binding us down by fear. Our good allies would never (not yet anyway) show themselves up in such a big public event. So grab some pop corn because if you want some disclosure from the DS, you’re gonna have some…


(Video) Nyla Nguyen: Joe Biden investigated,CNN protest,FBI raid, Beirut attack, Melbourne/Victoria update, Discerning .. | Aug 14, 2020

Source: 3D to 5D Consciousness

Aug 13, 2020

Description In this episode find out what Joe Biden is formally being investigated for, we have another demon rat that is about to be exposed for his crimes. I’m sharing the coverage for the CNN protest in Hollywood. There was a FBI raid in Cleveland that made the demon rats panicked. Find out why Beirut was attacked, which was linked to the FBI raid. I’m giving an update on the Melbourne/Victoria situation and giving solutions on how to handle the Reptilian government down there. There are some more GESARA proofs. Finally, I’m sharing my knowledge and insights on how to discern FALSE LIGHT vs. REAL Light.