Worse than junk food? Studies show farmed salmon among most toxic foods on planet | NaturalHealth365

by: Karen Sanders, staff writer | March 6, 2022


(NaturalHealth365)  When you think of clean eating, chances are salmon immediately springs to mind.  It is the poster child of brain-friendly, heart-healthy fare, advertised on cooking shows and in medical journals as a panacea for the ills of the modern age.  And yet, not all salmon are created equal.

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TOXIC salmon: The true cost of industrial ocean fish farms | NaturalHealth365


By: Damon Hines | December 4, 2020

(NaturalHealth365) According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global fish consumption jumped 122% from 1990 to 2018.  But, the alarming news is: about 50% of the fish eaten worldwide is now farm-raised.  And, while fish is viewed as a “healthier alternative” to red meat, lower in saturated fat and an excellent source of protein, omega-3s, vitamin B12, vitamin D, potassium and iron … industrial farmed – or I should say – toxic salmon is no better than junk food.

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Farm raised fish: The “untold” health risk exposed — NaturalHealth365 – February 7, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) Head to the seafood counter at your local grocery store and you’re faced with a big choice: farm raised fish or wild caught fish.

You already know that certain types of fish, such as salmon, offer many health benefits. But, there are also the stories of health risks and contaminants that surround certain types of fish.  And, while eating fish is often considered a healthy option, that’s not always true – especially if you don’t pay attention to the type of fish you take home from the store. →

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(Video Documentary) Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food – May 25, 2019

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Video Documentary (54:27)

Are You Still Eating These Cancer-Causing Foods? — Humans Are Free – March 18, 2019

Some foods can help your body become the healthiest and strongest it can be, and keep cancer and other diseases at bay. Multiple studies have shown that a variety of fresh, whole foods can make you feel at your best while giving your body the energy and building blocks it needs.

However, just as some foods protect us from diseases, others are the perfect recipe for disaster, wreaking havoc on your system — with cancer as a possible side-effect. With so much information out there, it’s often hard to know what’s safe and what’s not.

Many of us pay attention to food labels, but some foods are so commonly used and convenient — we often forget that they may house a host of toxic chemicals too.

Here are some cancer-causing foods that specialists revealed they would never eat:

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Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food – February 23, 2019

Published on Mar 25, 2017

Why Farmed Salmon Is One Of The Most Toxic Things You Can Put In Your Body — April 24, 2018

Fish has long been touted as a super food from doctors, nutritionists and specialists from around the world. Many people choose not to eat meat or other animal products, but show pride in their presumed health conscious decision to consume fish. But, as with almost everything else that is promoted heavily in the media, there’s…Read more & video documentary(error?)

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10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Avoid — November 25, 2017

The food we eat has the ability to affect our health in very big ways – for better or for worse. Eat too much fat and you increase your risk of heart disease. Drink too much alcohol and you damage your liver. In today’s day and age of processed and “fast” food, much of what…Read more

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Data Reveals Farmed Salmon To Be One Of The Most Toxic Foods In The World — June 11, 2017

Credit: Department of Marine Resources, State of Maine Aquaculture is often celebrated as a sustainable solution to overfishing, but in reality, farmed salmon may be one of the most toxic foods in the world. As a result of overcrowding, disease, pollution and low quality fishmeal, the resulting salmon meat is often contaminated and can lack…

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