You are all Very Powerful Creator Beings | Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin – October 7th, 2018

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin

“You are all very powerful Creator Beings”

Received Sunday, October 7, 2018

Prelude: Dear One, yes, I AM Mother God and I do have a message for Lightworkers on this day; and for all of my Children. For even those who do not read this message are affected by it’s energy, the energy that I pour forth onto Earth at this time. I have condensed the energy bubbles into these words for all to feel and experience.

Now, dear Children, what do you want your lives to be like in the future? Do you wish to be free and happy? To live without restraints? To follow your passions and play like no one is watching? Or is it “dance like no one is watching?” (smiles) Well, I don’t know all of your sayings do I? You get the point. It is up to YOU, dear Children. You create it, you see it and imagine it and it will manifest for you. That is what life on this hologram of Earth is like. And in the future, the energies will be so high that what you focus on will manifest very quickly.

So, I say to you—pay attention to your thoughts. Let the troublesome ones pass you by, do not focus on them. Let any negative thought flow through you, do not attach any emotion to it. For your emotions, thoughts, focus and intent will create your reality. Actually it already does, but this process will be much more amplified in the near future.

So, what do you want? A house by the lake with your love? A booming house with many children and lots of love? A job doing what brings you happiness and fulfillment? A clean Earth? A community of like-minded individuals who all work and play together for their highest good? Community gardens? Health for all? Clean water, beautiful homes, fresh clean food for all? Focus and pay attention to your thoughts. OK, I think you all get that. Yes, it is simple, but very, very important.

Here is a message of hope for the hurting ones, for the people who are suffering. I see your pain and worry and send you my love, dear Children. We are working on something to make your lives much better. Strategic plans that have been in the works for many millennia are finally finishing up now. These plans are actions of a Revolution to bring your freedoms back. I set forth my intentions that the dark ones would no longer control Earth. My children have lived under this enslavement for far too long. Please know (as you have heard) Earth is a “free will” planet. This is why I did not step in and put a halt to this enslavement many, many years ago.

But the time came when I could no longer put up with this situation, so I put a halt to it. My teams of Lightworkers or White Hats which include your own Lightworker family, your Galactic family and many of the Company of Heaven (Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, etc). Have been working on this plan to return Earth to the Light for many years.

This actionable plan is almost complete. Many of the dark ones, the darkest of the dark, have already been removed. Your Light Teams are still working to this day to finish up this clearing process. They surely can use your love, strength, courage and protection. Pray for them, send them love and healing energy! They are tired and weary, just as you are. You are many and can help a great deal by sending them your love and light!!! Please do this and your New Earth will be born quicker. It is also a beautiful way to send your gratitude for the hard work that they have all been doing. Gratitude is very powerful, it carries love with it too; very powerful love!

Be generous with your Love and Gratitude dear Children. We have a never-ending supply of it and it blooms and grows and spreads like the most beautiful lights you have ever seen. I have the joy of watching your love spread and flow all over Earth. You are all very powerful Creator Beings and you delight in using your power for good; for bringing joy and beauty into your world. Trust that this process works and that your combined love blasts are making a very big difference!Yes, it is true, dear Children.

There is much to be grateful for and I am ever so grateful for all of you bright shining Souls, my dear Children. I am a proud Mother on this day. Feel my love blasts and my pink light of unconditional love which wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket. I also have warm, fluffy socks or slippers for you if you prefer. (smiles) Feel my love warm your heart and all of your insides. We are connected, dear Children. You, I and all of us together. Our combined love can power in the New Earth. Believe this for it is true. KNOW THIS.

I AM your Mother God and I wish you all a beautiful, lovely shining day. Thank you for Being YOU, the Divine Child that I created for this purpose. You all have a calling and a Mission. You are here NOW for this Mission of being a Lightworker. You shine your light and love wherever it is needed. I tell you, the White Hats and Alliance who are fighting for you need your Light and Love now.Please send it to them, and while you are at it, send it right back to yourselves, to your Galactic family, to Gaia and all her Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven and right back to me and your Father God! Together we will create a giant, beautiful circle of love, dear hearts! Yes! It is stunning and pulsing and beautiful. Thank you for your service, dear Children, I love to more than you can ever comprehend. I AM your Mother God and I am ever so proud of all of you. Go with my love.

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin


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Welcome Home My Children ~ Father God, 22 February 2018


My child,
It is with great joy in my heart that I see more and more of you are awakening each day; remembering Me and our eternal connection. Once upon a time, you had all expressed desires to play this game of separation; this game of living in illusion; this game that is filled with so many dramas and darkness. You have all been playing, and sleeping, for eons.
And now the human collective, all of my dear children, have decided to move on, evolve and stop engaging in games. You have collectively decided to live in a higher dimension; living with higher consciousness. You my loves, are heralding the arrival of the age of Love, Unity and Peace. You have chosen to call forth this Golden Age on Earth supraconsciously. And the time is NOW for you to manifest this into your physical reality with the help of your focus, thoughts, words, feelings and actions. For your vibrations create your reality.
Always act as if you have already arrived and are currently living in this utopia planet called Earth, and this reality will manifest even faster! For time does not exist. Time is a lower dimensional concept; it is illusion. In this eternal moment of NOW, Nova Earth already exists and all of you (who have chosen this) are already living in it with great joy and purpose. Decide to actively ‘tune in’ to Nova Earth every day and align your entire being to it. Follow your inner guidance & feelings as they are your navigational tools, your very own GPS.
Now I know that this is a tough challenge. I can already hear a lot of you asking this same question, ‘Father how can I pretend and act as if I’m living in a happy, loving, peaceful planet when the reality is the complete opposite? You only need to watch the news to see violence, tragedies and other dramas playing out. There’s so much suffering and not enough happiness. Chaos is everywhere and I sometimes feel as if the world is coming to an end’.
My answer is this: ‘My dearest child, the world as you currently know it is definitely coming to its end. What you see playing out in the news is the darkness’ last stand against the light. Those of the dark, who enjoy playing the game of separation, a game of ‘power over others’ are determined to fight until their last breaths. They know they are standing on the losing side and yet they are still fighting for dominance.
So let me tell you a secret, my love. Those souls playing the roles of the darks have already lost, they just don’t know it yet! I have sent legions of angels, billions of helpers, guides and your Galactic brothers/sisters of Light from highly evolved civilizations to assist each and everyone of you in moving to the fifth dimension. Failure is impossible. The collective Ascension Event of humanity is inevitable. Change is in the air!
Please remember that your mainstream news media only reports news that lowers your vibrations. News that is intended to keep humanity living in fear, lack and separation consciousness. There is so much happening around the world, so many unreported positive changes, that went unnoticed. You only need to set aside time to be ‘still’ and go ‘within’ yourself to discover this Higher Truth.
The majority of the people in this world are praying for and choosing Peace, Love and Unity. So be not distressed nor angry or afraid. This is not the time for despair. It is a time to celebrate! The chaos that you are currently seeing is actually the norm in a civilization such as yours, one that is undergoing a massive move from the lower to the upper dimension.
All aspects of human existence, from health, education, governments, energy, banking, commerce, monetary systems, religions and everything else, is undergoing massive positive changes that will improve your way of life into the spirit of Love, Unity and Abundance for all. You will begin to see more and more proof of this coming through in the near future.’
Let me now be the first to welcome you HOME. Welcome back my dearest, beloved children. Feel my warm embrace and the great depth of my love for you. You have now begun your individual journeys back Home to Me, and Home to your true Higher Selves. Call on me for help when things get tough as I, and numerous light beings in the Higher Dimensions, all are on standby – ready to lend you assistance whenever you need it.
Feel our loving presence constantly surrounding you, empowering you and giving you the strength and guidance you need to create your own version of Nova Earth. Embrace the full strength of your powerful Creator abilities that you have always possessed and start living the peaceful, joyful, abundant and fulfilling fifth-dimensional life that is even better than the one living in your imaginations!
The time is NOW. The time is NOW. The time is NOW.
Loving you always beyond measure,
Father God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.

Message from Father God for December 30, 2017

Father God 12/30/17

Hello children, it is I, Father God. When you look up into the sky and you see all of the twinkling lights, know those are all of the times I thought of you. Just as the number stars are too numerous for the human mind to fully grasp, this too rings true for the depth of love and joy felt when I speak with you at the heart level. I’m happy to listen to you vent and request, but when you can get beyond that into the part where I walk and experience life with you, then we have achieved a deeper connection. It is nice to be more than Santa Claus with the wish lists, although we do love the Santa Claus legend and thought form who is very much alive and well in the hearts of humanity and significantly raises the excitement and vibration around the Christmas holiday season.

I want to experience what you experience, to see what you see, to be allowed into the deepest painful parts of you that you have walled off and closed your heart towards so that we can heal it together. I love you. There are many human fathers that struggle with this concept of tender masculinity. Learn from me. I will show you. True manhood is raw compassion wrapped in powerful action-filled love. That is the gaze in which I see you, children. I see all of your parts and pieces, all of your lessons of pain and of triumph. I weep when you weep. I laugh with you. I am truly here for you in every capacity. My depth of love for you is indescribable in your human terms and understandings.

Fortunately for us all, you are expanding, rapidly, I might add, to comprehend more of these ideas at the soul and heart level. For as you raise in vibration, all of this will make more sense because you will feel it. You will know it because your inner truth button that has been dusty and buried beneath dogmas and fabrications – these untruths and misrepresentations of truth – are being stripped and eroded away as you all begin to see with your heart mind.

Won’t you ask me to expand it? It is one of my specialties. What do you think asking me into your heart means? Allow me in. Allow me to help, heal, and hold your hand as we take these final lower dimensional steps together. I am ready for great things for Gaia, are you? Yes! Then let’s harness this energy of expectation and hope and joy and create this wonderful new realm together.

I am your Father God. I love you endlessly. Please feel free to talk with me at any time. Great things are advancing rapidly. All is, and will be, and will continue to be, well.

~ galaxygirl