An Idea in your Mind | Heavenletters #3039 — Voyages of Light – February 23, 2020

An Idea in Your Mind | Heavenletters

FEB 23 2020

God said:

You have no enemies. Enemy is an idea in your mind.

Even as I say that you have no enemies, I will tell you that you have one who has been a constant. What I am going to tell you is the basis of any enemy you have entrusted your faith to, and that is fear. Fear is your number one Enemy. Fear is the ephemeral basis of any of the enemies you have fought or run away from. The basis of the concept of enemy is fear, and fear alone. Fear is repetitive yet not so formidable as you have thought. →

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A Guide to Letting Go of Shame & Fear — Era of Light – July 7, 2018

Many of us are so often in a state of shame or fear that we often don’t realize they’re even there. Shame and fear pervade most of our lives to an extent rarely understood, so that our days revolve around them. Some examples of shame and fear that are fairly common: We are unhappy with…Read more

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Arcturian Council: Hidden in Plain Sight — May 2, 2018

We are the Arcturians, we come to illuminate the path out of the third dimension. We are guides, way show-ers and light bearers. We come with love in our being for humanity and the goddess Gaia. For it is she who inhabits planet earth at this time. A goddess of wonder and beauty, abundance and…Read more

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Nothing to Fear — Shifting From Fear to Love — November 12, 2017

Fear is running rampant on our world and it is blinding many to the inner guiding voice of their soul, and keeping us from creating a better world. We can all transcend our fears by embracing a few higher truths and increasing our awareness of a few important points. A World of FearOur world is dominated…Read more and fear not 🙂

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To Fear Or Not To Fear? – October 25, 2017


The highs and lows of the waves you have been riding lately may be taking a toll on your physical body.  There will be times when your body wants, may need and could be begging to go into fear because, in the past, that was the safest place for you.  Take a moment to breathe, know that fear never has been and never will be your natural state.  My beloved, know The Universe is with you and all will be well. ~ Creator

Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward, May 30th, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Irrational acts of terrorism and governments violently putting down citizen protests are inevitable as a third density civilization completes karmic experiencing so it can evolve. Please don’t focus on the sad aspects of such events, but rather steadfastly radiate your light, the mission you chose to help Earth’s peoples awaken spiritually and consciously and be inspired to transform their world into the Golden Age.

We have been asked how “just radiating light” can help Earth, and others have questioned how light absorbed by bodies’ cells promotes growth in spiritual and conscious awareness. Most simply stated, light is consciousness, the information in cells’ DNA, and DNA is what designs all life in this universe. Some years ago I spoke about this topic and I asked my mother to copy that part of the message.

Not only is the collective consciousness what caused the planet to descend into deep third density and kept it mired there for millennia, but more recently has been assisting it to ascend out of there. And, because Earth loves all her resident life forms, she is eager for souls to steadily radiate their light into the collective consciousness, where it can offer sleeping souls the “lift” into spiritual awareness and the cellular changes they need to physically move into the Golden Age…

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