VIDEO: David Icke statement in court hearing challenging his ban from 26 European countries – ‘The world is becoming more draconian by the day’ (PLEASE SHARE)

BY JAYMIE ICKE – 9 December, 2022

Verdict in the case will come on December 19th.


VIDEO: Nordic ET Supply Missions to Ganymede & Europa’s Secret Underground City |


JP currently serves in the US Army and has been disclosing covert missions he has participated in with the approval of more senior officers in secret space programs. Contrary to his recent SSP missions, he was taken this time by Nordic-looking extraterrestrials in one of their spacecraft that was part of a convoy to two of Jupiter’s moons: Ganymede and Europa. The spacecraft’s crew involved three Nordics that he met back in 2008 during his first contact experience in Brazil.

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VIDEO: The Suppressed History of Giants and their reemergence into the public arena |


Brad Olsen has researched the topic of giants in his books and extensive travels around the world, searching for out of place artifacts (OOPARTS). He has learned that while the discovery of giant skeletons in burial sites was extensively discussed in newspapers in the late 1800s, the topic was completely covered up soon after the turn of the century. For over a hundred years, organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute quickly took control of burial sites, silenced archeologists, and imposed a shroud of secrecy over the whereabouts of retrieved giant skeletons.

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The Suppressed History of Giants and their reemergence into the public arena —

VIDEO: Minds CEO Bill Ottman Talks To Right Now About Elon Musk & The War On Free Speech | Gareth Icke & David Icke

By Gareth Icke & David Icke25 NOVEMBER 2022

This Week on Right Now: CEO of the social network ‘Minds’, Bill Ottman, joins us to discuss Elon Musk and freedom of speech. Former Dragons Den judge, businesswoman and Freedom Alliance candidate Rachel Elnaugh joins us in the studio. Comedian Abi Roberts tells us about her altercation with Dr Malhotra. Author Daniel Thompson-Mills discusses terrain theory and the true causes of illness. Singer songwriter Five Times August speaks to us from the US about the power of protest songs, and making a stand against tyranny. And finally, Ex US marine Lucas Gage and Ex Royal Marine Ross Jones-Moore talk to us about the realities of war.


The Denier Technique And The Manipulation Of Emotion – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

By Gareth Icke & David Icke – 25 November, 2022


VIDEO: Climate ‘Crisis’ And Migrant Crisis – Two Dots On The Same Agenda – David Icke Videocast

By David Icke & Gareth Icke – 11 November, 2022


VIDEO: Another Country Wants To Ban Me – So Confirming (Yet Again) That I’m Right – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

By Gareth Icke & David Icke – 21 October, 2022


Yuval Noah Harari – Confirming What I’ve Said Is True – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

By Gareth Icke & David Icke – 22 SEPTEMBER 2022


(VIDEO) Using Time Travel for Intelligence Gathering & Predicting Future Presidents |


Andrew D. Basiago, J.D., reveals more of his time travel experiences associated with Project Pegasus that he was formally a part of from 1969 to 1972. In this interview he goes into detail of what he encountered when he was transported to the year 2045. He describes how he underwent age-progression as one of the experiments that would prepare him for the rigors of time travel.

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Contact with Sasquatch and their Message to Humanity |


Sunbow Truebrother began having experiences with Sasquatch (aka Big Foot) and UFOs in 1981 at age 17. He says that his great great grandfather was a Sasquatch hybrid and that this predisposed him to find out more about these mysterious beings. He traveled around the world meeting indigenous peoples who all had stories to share about Sasquatch encounters and contact with extraterrestrial life.

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