The Hidden Reason Why Fed Chairman Powell and “Systemically Important” Banks Oppose a Gold Standard — July 12, 2019

By Mike Gleason

Chairman Powell’s testimony this week was closely scrutinized not just for its economic implications but also for its political overtones. Powell cited “trade tensions” as cause for concern about the strength of the global economy. He clearly seemed to be blaming President Trump’s tariffs.

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Gold Surges After Trump Nominates Gold Standard Advocate Judy Shelton To Fed Board — Era of Light – July 4, 2019

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After several unsuccessful attempts to put his preferred candidates on the Fed’s board, moments ago Donald Trump announced that he intends to nominate Christopher Waller, who is currently the Executive ➤➤

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Control through mind programming – The Final WakeUp Call – May 16, 2019

(The Final Wakeup Call)

Political correctness 

Governments want to see riots and looting

Stripping down Language, Opinion and Culture

The words people use are controlling their way of thinking

The wealthiest families control global politics and the economy

How people’s minds are controlled

Nothing is as it seems. People are told Anarchism is bad and democracy is good. Anarchists are hooligans on a rampage through the streets, hurling bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails, generally forming a nuisance, is the disinformation. But in reality, anarchy is essentially ‘Freedom’, free from enslavement; free from being forced to act against one’s will. On the other side of the coin, a democracy is nothing more than dictatorship rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%. Point of fact, democracy is a fraud as it simply distributes peoples’ wealth, that in the long run, is destructed anyway. Always think mirror; if they say black, the reality is white. The Truth always turns out to be the opposite of what is sold to the people. Take the case of 5G, that is promoted as an innovation for the well-being of humanity, whereas it is nothing less than a weapon of mass destruction, to be implemented to cull 90% of humanity

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The Final Wakeup Call – EU Super State – April 25, 2019

Pan-European Union
The End of Sovereignty
The EU is a Totalitarian Monster
The Reform that will make a huge difference
EU Parliament is a complete Farce
Assange, Brexit, QFS, GCR, EU-elections and Notre Dame Fire

The United States of Europe

The EU is a major example of what is called the post-industrial, post-democratic society in which unelected bureaucrats, technocrats, and ‘experts’ dictate to an oppressed human society. This can be witnessed and is prevalent every day.

The giant deception of the century is the establishment of a totalitarian bureaucratic Super State called the European Union, which was planned and concocted in today’s form over 60 years ago. It started with a ‘free trade area’ and morphed into todays’ centrally dictated Super State, where the line has been crossed in the direction of fascism and communism.

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(Video) Patriots, Time To Bring Down The House, Planned, WWG1WGA – Episode 1844 — April 17, 2019

China prepare more stimulus to boost their economy. The MSM is now pushing the narrative that the Fed is trying to help the people by keeping the economy going. Post 2619 gold will destroy the Fed. Trump and the other patriots are using the gold manipulation to their advantage, accumulate gold and then bring down the Fed. New text messages show that Foxx intervened in Smolletts case. Another person come forward in regards to Jeffrey Epsteins case. Nunes outlines whats coming in the Mueller report. Mueller investigation with Stone and Russia company comes to an end. Senate leaders move to get important documents. Declass overrides all house investigations and blockades. Traffickers have been using FB ads. Trump vetoes stopping Yemen war. Patriot day fast approaching, something big is about to happen, Marker [1] set and ready. WWG1WGA.

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(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1775: [CB] Just Telegraphed they are Trapped | [DS] Trapped Themselves – January 25, 2019

Published on Jan 25, 2019

The holiday season did not go well for many retailers, they are now reporting that online and brick and mortar sales slumped leading up to Christmas. Trump and the patriots are in complete control, they know the plans of the deep state, to crash the economy in 2020, Q warned us that they knew of this plan. Trump will use the Fed to avoid a crash during this period. The central banks are now telegraphing that they are trapped and they are worried about the political force on the Fed not to help other central banks in a crisis.

Published on Jan 25, 2019

The Covington event had many agendas associated with it. The FBI raided Roger Stones house and CNN was on the scene, how did they know? This is all part of the plan, military planning at its finest. The arrest had nothing do with Russian collusion which shows again there is no Russian collusion. Trump reopened the government, did he cave on the wall, no, he used a tactical move. The storm is upon us and all the pieces are being put into place, the clock is ticking.

Operation Disclosure

(Video) X22 Report — Episode 1769: The Economic Patriot Plan | [DS] Using all their Ammunition – January 18, 2019

Published on Jan 18, 2019

Umich confidence is collapsing and the blame goes to the shutdown. China has just extended an olive branch and they will increase trade by 1 trillion during the next 6 years. Trump and the patriots have been talking about the plan for many years, they have not been hiding he plan, actually the plan is plain sight. Using the declas and other methods Trump is using leverage to get the US where he wants it. Then ultimate plan is economic security.

Published on Jan 18, 2019

The [DS] is pushing their agenda and using all their ammunition, when the time is right boom. Trump took the hammer to Pelosi and has exposed what they were up to. The caravan is moving towards the border. The code by Maggie is now revealed, it seems that [RBG] will most likely retire this month or very soon, which means Trump will have the power to nominate the next SCOTUS. Pelosi gave a warning to Trump about security concerns of the State of The Union. According to the constitution she does not have the authority to cancel the SOTU. The [DS] are backed against the wall like wild animals, next move might be an event.

Operation Disclosure