Ter ‘Aka and Feline Race via Galaxygirl | Voyages of Light – February 9, 2020

Ter ‘Aka and Feline Race 2/9/2020

(Voyages of Light)  Within this blue bubble, sphere of peace, align yourselves the peace of knowing, of being. We are the Blue Avian beings. I am Ter ‘Aka. Much chaos we see as the worlds are splitting. We can feel and observe the readings from our spheres, but you are feeling them on the ground most acutely. That is why we are offering our technology of etheric sphere pillow-shielding to our grounded light worker friends who are doing much heavy lifting and much clearing for the collective. The clearing that you have been doing is phenomenal and Gaia thanks you, we all do, for your tenacity. Many of you have been operating as your higher selves, doing blessings and clearing for other frozen or stuck aspects of yourselves and sending them love and healing. This is excellent work. →

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Feline Race via Galaxygirl | January 27, 2020 — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)  Feline Race 1/27/2020

We are the Feline Race. We are warriors, we are strong. We are guarding your world, working on her surface and within her underbelly, cleaning, clearing, destroying all that is not of the light. We are swift. We are strong. We enjoy our feline forms. It is a great honor to be within our vessels, just as it is a tremendous honor to be embodied as a human on ascending Gaia. You are here to lend your light. We are here to lend our power, our protection. You may call upon us. You may work with us. We are working with you in your astral state, most likely as we partner together clearing the way for yet more light to come. →

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Message from the Feline Race via Galaxygirl, April 17, 2019

Message from the Feline Race (4/17/19) | Galaxygirl

Hello, we are the Feline Race. We partner with the dragons and the elemental kingdoms in many times and places. We are most interested in the ascension journey that you are all partaking in at this critical junction of time-space where all is not as it seems. The flash approaches. You are in the midst of it. You are experiencing tiny metamorphoses moment by moment and this gives us cause for great excitement.

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Cosmic Disclosure: Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings — Sphere-Being Alliance – December 7, 2017

Corey Goode: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m Corey Goode, and today I will be your host.Today, we’re going to be talking more in depth than we ever have about the different ET beings I’ve encountered through my childhood, through the MILAB training and ending with the Secret Space Programs. FIRST ENCOUNTER My first experiences…..Read more & images of different ET races

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