VIDEO X 2: X22 Report 2703 — Sometimes The People Must See It To Believe It, Economic Tyranny || [C]los[I]ng [A]ct, Dismantled, Impossible To Clean, To Be Blunt, Game Over

By X22 Report – Published February 15, 2022

Ep. 2703a – Sometimes The People Must See It To Believe It, Economic Tyranny

Inflation is picking up, the people are now asking questions and want answers. The people need to see economic tyranny, one seen they people will understand. The people are being brought to the economic precipice.


Ep. 2703b – [C]los[I]ng [A]ct, Dismantled, Impossible To Clean, To Be Blunt, Game Over

The [DS]/Fake news are doing everything they can to ignore Durham’s investigation, they are having a difficult time spinning it, the more they pretend it doesn’t exist, the worse it is for them. Truth Social is coming online soon, the bull horn will be ripped away from the [DS], they will no longer control the flow information. The information coming out from Durham points to the C_A, will the country be outraged that the C_A spied on a President and broke their own rules, will this be the end of this organization. Impossible to clean, dismantled. To be blunt, game over.


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Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter Publish 37% Quarterly Increase; Operating Profits Almost Double Last Year’s | Activist Post

Activist Post | By B.N. Frank – November 8, 2020

COVID-19 has been devastating on countless American businesses and workers. However, some companies and their owners seem to be doing better than ever. C’est la vie.

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(Video x 2) X22 Report: Episode 2274 — Trump Just Projected Part Of The Economic Plan | People Are Breaking Free Of The Narrative – Sept 13, 2020

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Report date: 09.12.2020

Trump Just Projected Part Of The Economic Plan – Episode 2274a

The economy is coming back strong and now we are beginning to see inflation, this is the beginning stages this is why the Fed is now using a different method to explain away inflation. Interest rates are lower again and we are seeing an uptick of mortgage applications. The D’s are trying everything they can to get funding for their states, it is not working. Trump projects part of his economic plan.


People Are Breaking Free Of The Narrative, For The First They Can See Clearly – Episode 2274b

The [DS]/MSM narrative is falling apart, they are now caught in their own lies and people are waking up. People are watching everything and they are logically thinking, the plan is failing rapidly. What the people are witnessing is the 16 year plan, it is now being presented to the American people and they see how the [DS] wants to destroy the country, the people are rejecting this.


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The Dark Past Of The Bank For International Settlements | Activist Post – July 21, 2020

Activist Post | By Patrick Wood

Although written by Patrick Wood in 2005, nothing has changed to the historical fact of the Bank for International Settlements. It has nefarious roots and is the tap-root of modern globalization.

Today, the BIS is getting headlines again because of its direction of central banks to go cashless. It is readily apparent that it has not lost its power and influence over the decades. For anyone wanting to understand how the world really works, this is a must-read paper. ⁃ TN Editor

Created at Bretton Woods in 1944, the World Bank has been dominated by international bankers, members of the Council on Foreign Relations and later by the  Trilateral Commission. Corruption and self-interest run amok as public funds are converted into private hands by the billions. →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2053 – The Economic Transitional Economy Taking Shape; Nobody Is Above The Law – December 24, 2019

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Report date: 12.23.2019

The Economic Transitional Economy Taking Shape, [CB] Panic Over Debt – Episode 2053a

Trump and the patriots delivered on the economy, the tax cuts show that more people have more money in their pockets. New trade deals have been negotiated, bad trade deals removed. US is energy independent, Trump is preparing for the economic transition. The [CB] are panicking, their debt load is going to collapse the world economy and they are exposed.


Nobody Is Above The Law [Not Anymore], Justice Will Be Served – Episode 2053b

The [CB] are panicking, their debt load is going to collapse the world economy and they are exposed. The [DS] is now panicking, their impeachment plan failed, the people understand what [DS] has tried to do. People know if they can do this to a president they can do this to anyone. Q dropped more bread, the [DS] are stalling to turn R’s and they are trying to get something to show there was a crime. Those responsible will be held accountable, nobody is above the law.


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Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal – John Rubino – – November 17, 2019

Photo: John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and book author John Rubino says he can see the end of the economic expansion fueled by massive debt creation. Rubino explains, “Every sector of the U.S. economy is so over indebted I don’t see how we go on much longer. The Fed is desperately trying to prolong this thing. We are running trillion dollar deficits now, and what that is for is to keep the system from falling apart. We are 11 years into an expansion, a record. This is the longest bull market in history, and this is the longest economic expansion in history. . . . →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2016: Optics, the Setup, the Takedown, Caught the Swamp – November 9, 2019

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Published Nov 8, 2019

Optics Are Very Important, The Setup, The Takedown – Episode 2016a

The Trump administration now control the economic narrative, the [CB] was just setup, optics are very important. China put out a story that tariffs would be removed in phases when each part of the deal is made. Trump administration reminds everyone that Trump has the authority do remove tariffs. The Fed does not like what Texas is doing, they seeing where it is all headed.


Message Sent, Caught The Swamp, They Never Thought She Would Lose – Episode 2016b

The [DS] impeachment plan is a big failure. The leaked transcripts are now showing the opposite, but the plan was to keep this going.  Evidence is now in favor of the patriots. The WB lawyer past is now starting to catch up with him. Many arrested for child pornography. Trump mentions that he caught the swamp, the message received, the swamp is going down.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2009 – The Ultimate Removal, Methodical Plan Moving Ahead – November 1, 2019

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Published Oct 31, 2019

The Patriots Are Establishing A Narrative For The Ultimate Removal Of The [CB] – Episode 2009a

Trump and the patriots are hitting the [CB], this is all part of the plan, this will intensify as we move into 2020. Trump need the [CB] to lower rates to zero or in the negative range, this will happen. The China deal location is now being discussed because APEC was cancelled. Trump hits the Fed again letting the American people know who will be responsible when the economy comes down.


This Is a Methodical Plan Moving Ahead With Military Precision,[DS] Has Been Warned – Episode 2009b

The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, this is what the patriots want them to believe, the [DS] took the bait and now they are going to be exposed. The witnesses have no evidence and once again we are finding out that most of these so called witnessing have a connection to the [DS]. Trump and the patriots have united the Rep party, together we are stronger this was part of the plan. Barr/Durham moving along with their criminal investigation, this is not about a 4 year election, its about giving the power back to the people. The [DS] has been warned.


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Global Debt Bubble a Gigantic Time Bomb – Peter Schiff — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog – October 9, 2019

Image: Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Peter Schiff says the Federal Reserve has already started a new money printing program that continues to expand the debt bubble and keep global markets propped up. This started abruptly last month in what is called the “repo market,” where the Fed provides liquidity for traders of short-term money or overnight funding. Schiff says, →

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 1985 -The Hottest Economy, Patriots are Over the Target – October 3, 2019

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Published Oct 2, 2019

The US Has The Hottest Economy In The World, Transition Set – Episode 1985a

Trump and the patriots are making the US economy look hotter than ever, the question is why, this way if the rest world is not doing well companies will come
back to the US and countries will want to invest in the US. Trump is deregulating and cutting taxes, he just the Germany budget by 20 million.The US is now the
hottest economy.


The Patriots Are Over The Target, Watch What Happens Next – Episode 1985b

Rep Tlaib is now having her finances reviewed by the FEC. KH wants Trump kicked off Twitter. The [DS] whistleblower complaint has hit a road block, the
narrative is falling apart and more evidence shows that AS and the C_A colluded to try to bring down the President, this is a coup. The Ds passed healthcare for
the undocumented immigrants but not for veterans. NK talks will resume in Sweden. The patriots are over the target, what comes next is going to be the downfall
of the [DS]. Enjoy the show.


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