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Mel & Rob discuss recent news of corporate titans supporting and driving the New World Order, CCP, Cabal agenda of divide and conquer as we see as massive of wealth in into their pockets. Makes you wonder a bit. Remember We dont need them, they need us. Trust your heart and your instincts. We do not need to take back our freedoms if we dont give them away. #GodWins


Who Controls the World? | The Final Wakeup Call

Agenda 2030 is well-advanced

The fiat financial system is collapsing worldwide

Only a one-time chance to destroy the Deep State from top to bottom

Draining the swamp

The Final Wakeup Call – Januray 12, 2021

A Powerful Tightly Knit Network

The pyramid defines the power structure the majority of humanity is subject to, in even the smallest details of our lives. This issue reveals the impending economic collapse, by explaining what is going on behind the curtain and what is being hidden and why.

The vertical axis of the pyramid represents; power, wealth, knowledge, etc. The shape of the pyramid describes the population distribution as measured by the vertical axis. The great majority of humanity, we the people, are on the lower levels near the bottom of the pyramid. The Controllers – The Powers That Be – the Deep State Elites occupy the lofty levels near the peak. Continue Reading →

Nederlands: Wie controleert de wereld?

Agenda 2030 is goed gevorderd Het fiat financiële systeem stort wereldwijd in Slechts eenmalig de kans de Deep State van hoog tot laag te vernietigen Het legen van het moeras Protocollen van Zion          Een invloedrijk, strak…Continue Reading →

Coronakrisens ekonomiska vinnare | Nya Dagbladet

Foto: Gilbert Mercier (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Nya Dagbladet – 16 Okt, 2020

När man granskar den totala dödligheten i flertalet länder under pandemin visar det sig vara små till inga avvikelser från ett normalår. Gamla och sköra dör varje år i samband med virusepidemierna, lite olika beroende på epidemiernas styrka. Vi som tillhör min generation minns Asiaten och Hong Kong-influensan. Frågan är; i vad mån de drastiska lockdown-åtgärder som nu genomförs runt om i hela världen och främst västvärlden triggats av falsk skrämselpropaganda?

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(Video) Amazing Polly: The Tangled Web of Cover Upperers – Sept 9, 2020

Source: Amazing Polly

Sept 4, 2020

In this video I expose one of the major tools that both Corrupt State Department officials & phony ‘Fact Checkers’ use to stop the spread of news that threatens their Global Corruption Racket! Are the riots in the US linked to the same shady apparatus is covering up the Ukraine scandals? Are the child trafficking cover-upperers using the tools, too? more…

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Artificial Economic Crisis | The Final Wakeup Call – July 15, 2020

Central bank economy is going down

Unemployment soaring to heights never experienced

Diabolical Plan Collapses Economic Activity 

Imperial New World Agenda in progress w/o military intervention


The Final Wakeup CallJuly 15, 2020

New emerging reality

Misery without an end. And what is seen now is only the tiny tip of the iceberg. The worst is still to come – when in a few weeks or months a clearer picture will emerge of what industries will live or die, and more people will be relegated to economic paupers.

The world has become an insane asylum but the majority of society is too much asleep to notice the insanity about what is happening with the Coronavirus pandemic. It is of the highest importance, more people around the globe are waking up to the new emerging reality and understand that what historically has been taught, socialised and raised to believe government as the truth, is nothing else but an example of outright propaganda bullshit. Continue Reading →

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Nederlands: Artificial Economic Crisis

Central bank economy is going down Unemployment soaring to heights never experienced Diabolical Plan Collapses Economic Activity  Imperial New World Agenda in progress w/o military intervention New emerging reality Misery without an end. And what is seen now is onlyContinue Reading →

Deutsch: Gekünstelte Wirtschaftskrise

Die Zentralbankwirtschaft bricht zusammen Die Arbeitslosigkeit ist auf ein beispielloses Niveau angestiegen Der Zusammenbruch der Wirtschaftstätigkeit ist ein Teufelsplan Imperial New World Agenda läuft ohne militärische Intervention   Neu entstandene Realität Elend ohne Ende. Was jetzt zu sehen ist, istContinue Reading →

(Video) SGTreport: “WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL” — The Real Severe & The Punisher – July 11, 2020

Source: SGTreport

July 10, 2020

General Flynn recently and his family pledged their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They ended their oath with the famous Q slogan “Where we go one we go all”. Severe Anon and The Punisher join me to discuss that and so much more.


More Real News:

Sorce: BardsFM

Video: EP81 – Letter From Flynn, Saving A Nation That Was Already Lost (29:37)

Patriots of the World

Stop and Think! 

Patriots Stand Up For Each Other

United We Are Strong, Divided We Are Weak



/The Light Has Won

9 Ways to Discern Fake News from Real News | Wake Up World – July 11, 2020

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

No doubt, the world has never been more chaotic and confusing, and with contradicting data streaming from the internet, social media and MSM, it’s nearly impossible to know who and what to believe, especially with fake news masquerading as real news and real news being dismissed as fake news! Consequently, if we can’t trust the information we’re receiving, how can we make good choices for ourselves and our families? →

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Source: SGTreport

July 8, 2020

Have faith in humanity. The Patriots are in control, it’s just not easy saving a nation the was already lost. Dr. Dave Janda returns to SGT Report for an in-depth conversation.


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Skolmedicinens svek mot alla coronasjuka | VAKEN – 27 Juni, 2020

Biovapenexpert Fettdoktorn


För den som är insatt i hur västvärldens skolmedicin i nära armkrok med WHO fungerar, är det uppenbart vilket mål man strävar åt när det gäller hur man vill hantera coronapandemin. Här gäller det att bredda marken för en världsomfattande vaccinationskampanj som skulle inbringa ofattbara inkomster till läkemedelsindustrin och till alla med dem lojala organisationer – det jag kallar det medicinindustriella komplexet. Som alltid när det är så här starka ekonomiska intressen inblandade snedvrids vetenskapliga studier på ett upprörande sätt. Det gäller att eliminera allt som kan hota industriintresset och då drar man sig inte för rent forskningsfusk. Detta sker givetvis till priset av att tusentals liv går tillspillo helt i onödan. Begå aldrig misstaget att tro att skolmedicinen i först hand står på de sjukas sida när stora ekonomiska intressen är inblandade. →

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(Video) SGTreport: RED ALERT: They Have Sworn Their Allegiance to a New World Order – June 18, 2020

Source: SGTreport

June 17, 2020

Author Donald Jeffries returns to SGT Report to expose the real agenda of the Democrat Party, and we shine the light on the powers behind the throne.


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