Staying at Home Gets on Your Nerves? Follow Your Heart to Break Free | Wake Up World

March 19th, 2021 By Estee Horn Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.” – Thomas Szasz Are you fed up with being at home? It’s almost a year we’re spending too much of our time at our houses. Even if we’re…

Staying at Home Gets on Your Nerves? Follow Your Heart to Break Free — Wake Up World

Intuition Is A “Superpower” Representing One of The Highest Forms of Intelligence | Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution | By Arjun Walia – January 18, 2021

  • The Facts: A number of experiments have shown that human intuition is quite real and in some cases can be measurable.
  • Reflect On: How often do you use your intuition when it comes to decision making in your life? How often do you trust your gut instinct and follow your heart?

Mainstream science has been catching on to the fact that non-physical aspects of the human being are not only real, but they can be grown and developed into powerful tools for personal development and use.

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Who do you Think you are? | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart — Voyages of Light – February 14, 2020

(Voyages of Light)

Me: Ivo, this lady asked me this question, incredulously, indignantly, in a hate mail she sent to me. In fact this is the entire reason we are here on earth – to figure out who we are – but she was asking the wrong person! She asked me, not herself!!

I could see Alan Watts or Timothy Leary going on about the existential significance of this question for hours on end!

Ivo: They are not present. So we shall discuss it.

Me: Go for it!

Ivo: This is the very question you as a human have incarnated to answer. You are answering it every moment of every day when you are following your heart. However, your people do not follow their hearts, they follow their minds and these minds are mind controlled. So you are answering the question for another who is controlling you into doing their bidding: you are answering the question your captors are asking of themselves : Who are we? That is whose question you are answering, not your own. Your expression is an expression of them, not of yourselves. →

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Do What Is Best — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – December 26, 2019

Dearest child; boundaries are going to be a critical part of your new existence. If you participate in an experience/situation that feels uncomfortable from the beginning, it may always be that way. Yes, you are able to change your energy but others are responsible for themselves. You are in the process of creating a new reality/world for yourself. Listen to and follow your heart…do what is best for you. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Quiet…For Now – July 1, 2018

The peace and quiet you have been longing for has arrived…for the time being.  As the next stage of the shift is being set up to be put into action, take some time to ponder which direction you will choose.  Will you get involved or stand by watching until you feel the time is right to jump in?  Remember, there is no right/wrong way to move through the coming time.  Whatever you choose will be best for you.  Follow your heart, dear one, The Universe is always there to guide and support you on your journey. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

Sanat Kumara: All is Moving Along — March 3, 2018

All my dear ones, It is my mission, my promise to you that I should contact you in this time and help you during this transition period – as this is where you are right now – in a transition period – which is the most difficult period when all that has been pushed down,….Read more

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WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART, LOVE WINS(Video-Resonance Experiment) – August 19, 2017


WakingTimes WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART, LOVE WINS August 11, 2017 Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin When you hear the words “follow your heart,” what do you think? As it turns out, that expression…Read more and video