Pfizer pushes fourth dose of extremely profitable COVID shot | Naturalhealth365

by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | March 22, 2022

(NaturalHealth365)  Ever looked at an official U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID vaccination record card?  You’ll notice that the card has four spaces for documenting doses – and has had four lines since the beginning.  Two lines are for documenting the “1st” and “2nd” COVID jab doses.  An additional two lines are simply labeled “Other.”

Skeptics have to wonder: isn’t that just too convenient?  We now know that pharmaceutical giant and COVID shot producer Pfizer is currently pushing for dose 4 of its highly profitable gene therapy drug.

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Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward | May 4, 2020 — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

MAY 4 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer spiritual guidance, enlightenment and encouragement during this unique era in the universe. You are being pummeled with unsettling information about the coronavirus, so let us look first at the encouraging aspects of this situation.

You are seeing and demonstrating the best qualities of humankind—love, compassion, empathy, cooperation, kindness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, courage, perseverance to overcome obstacles. →

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