Forgive the World | Heavenletters #1599 — Voyages of Light – Nov 14, 2020

Voyages of Light | Forgive the World | Heavenletters

NOV 14 2020

(Rainbow Wave of Light)

God said:

When someone isn’t as nice to you as you would have them be, then this is an opportunity for you to be kinder than they. Their words, their attitude may assault you. This is where it is incumbent upon you to give what they didn’t.

If you cannot return their seeming ill-will with goodwill at the moment, then later, in the privacy of your heart, send them goodwill belatedly. You are not asking anything of them; you are asking of yourself. You are asking yourself to return to a place of peace. You are asking for your sense of love to be restored. Someone’s speech or action took you aback. Your sense of well-being wobbled for a while, and now you lift your head, not in retaliation, but in what serves you and the universe best.

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 16, 2018


As people become more uncomfortable, it is very common for them to become reactive. You are currently in a period where many people will be feeling challenged, and will be likelier to act out due to their frustration and discomfort.

It is never fun to have another take things out on you. It is important to remember that their behaviour is simply a demonstration of how uncomfortable they are. Can you remember a time when you took things out on another because you were deeply uncomfortable? Did you appreciate it when you were forgiven? Can you give that same grace to another?

You are all walking through this together. Some of you are just learning how to deal with energetic intensity. Others have more experience with how to navigate these times. Be kind to each other. Forgive easily. Do your best and if you get reactive apologize. Always find your way back to love, Dear Ones, for that is the stabilizer you all seek. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics