Attorney Excoriates DOJ in New Filing Over Leaked FBI Document Categorizing Project Veritas as News Media: ‘The Government has Acted in Bad Faith Every Step of the Way’ | Project Veritas

By Project Veritas – May 23, 2022

[NEW YORK – May 23, 2022] In a new filing, attorneys for Project Veritas highlighted an internal FBI document provided by a whistleblower which, again, calls actions from the Department of Justice into question. The filing introduces an FBI splash page about their investigation into Ashley Biden’s diary which shows a glaring contradiction between the government’s in-court position and the handling of the case.

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How ‘Free Speech’ Becomes ‘Hate Speech’ if You Dare Questioning the Official Narrative — Humans Are Free – December 10, 2019

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‘Free Speech’ Becomes ‘Hate Speech’ If You Dare Questioning: Vaccines, Transgenderism, Chemtrails, GMOs or Big Pharma

(Humans Are Free) Now that World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee has announced a new “Contract for the Web” that he says will serve as “a road map to build a better web,” many are asking themselves: What’s to become of online free speech as we enter the year 2020? →

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Facebook Owner Admits to Congress that They are Censoring Vaccine Safety Information – Humans Are Free – November 3, 2019

(Humans Are Free)  Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, testified before the House Financial Services Committee in the U.S. Congress on October 23, 2019.
One of the Representatives who questioned Mr. Zuckerberg was Florida Congressman Bill Posey. Congressman Posey addressed Mr. Zuckerberg with the following: → 

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Icon of free speech Noam Chomsky says it was wrong of Big Tech to ban Infowars — – Aug 14, 2018

(Natural News) He supported avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid, the Occupy movement, and is a noted Left-wing professor emeritus from Harvard University and MIT. He once called POTUS Donald Trump an “ignorant, thin-skinned megalomaniac” who is a “greater evil” than Hillary Clinton. He hated the Reagan administration, the wars in Vietnam and…Read more

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