Mike Adams doubles down on free speech protections for Brighteon users and critical pro-human videos like “Plandemic” — NaturalNews.com – May 23, 2020

(Natural News) Facebook is trying to intimidate Brighteon.com into censoring the Plandemic video from its platform, and as part of the intimidation by Facebook, they’ve banned the sharing of all links from Brighteon.com (and NaturalNews.com), including in private Facebook messaging.

The message is clear: If we don’t censor the Plandemic videos on our platform, our entire platform will be blacklisted by Facebook. Such action on the part of Facebook is illegal antitrust action, of course, and Facebook will not succeed in their criminal behavior for much longer. TAKE ACTION to protest Facebook’s antitrust censorship at this link on Banned.news. →

Read more & podcast: “Brighteon DOUBLES DOWN on free speech, under FACEBOOK censorship attack” (13:57) via — NaturalNews.com