US EPA Set To Release Billions More Genetically Modified Mosquitoes | The Pulse

The Pulse | By ARJUN WALIA – MARCH 17, 2022

On March 7th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved an “experimental use permit” amendment for the Oxitec corporation to release two billion more genetically modified mosquitoes. Oxitec is primarily funded by the Bill & Meldina Gates Foundation as well as the Wellcome Trust, headed by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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Bill Gates funded GM mosquitoes could be released this summer | NaturalHealth365 – June 17, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) Lately, many say the government is giving a lot of leeway to the biotech and medical industries, even though it’s yet to be seen whether such drastic steps actually benefit the public good. One example would be the emergency use authorizations given to companies to allow for accelerated testing and manufacturing of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines. Another example is … genetically modified mosquitoes?

Grab your bug repellent.  Just last month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted an experimental use permit to a biotech company that will allow them to release lab-made bugs into the wild. The company is backed by Bill Gates through his multi-billion dollar foundation. →

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(Video) Bill Gates planerar att släppa ut genmodifierade myggor — – 9 Juni, 2020


När man inte trodde att 2020 kunde bli galnare så har USAs Environmental Protection Agency nyligen skrotat flera förordningar på grund av coronakrisen. Detta ger möjlighet för företag att kringgå miljölagar så länge krisen pågår.

Oxitec som finansieras av Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation planerade nu att släppa ut genmodifierade myggor i Flordia och Texas, något de försöka under 2018 men inte kunde utföra p.g.a. lagar som stoppade det.

Video: Spiro Skouras: “Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery + Gates Backed Company To Release GM Mosquitoes” (9:07) via —