[Video] Cirsten W -Mel K – George Webb – Charlie Ward (Round Table Conversation)

By THE GESARA CLUB – November 8, 2020

Video(1:05:02): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV5PMyznQYg

George Webb: Cofer Black & Ukraine — Will President Finally Hold CIA Accountable for Its Varied Domestic and International Criminal Activities? — Public Intelligence Blog – December 1, 2019

(Public Intelligence Blog)  ROBERT STEELE: I know a little something about CIA and its regime change and other covert actions but thankfully was never directly engaged in any of the high crimes that have become so common to CIA Ed Lansdale first discovered that he could kill people in false flag operations to get CIA’s man elected President…

Read more & video: “Nov 29, 2019 Burisma’s Cofer Black Taps CIA Contacts To Stop Giuliani From Talking To Prosecutor” (8:11) via  — Public Intelligence Blog