This Year We Don’t Need More Stuff for Christmas – We Need More Love — Humans Are Free – December 12, 2019

Family Dinner Christmas

(Humans Are Free)  Each year around this time we expect the holiday season to bring us closer together but, does it? Far too many people obsess over getting and giving gifts to the point where they lose sight of what truly matters. →

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Your Time — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – September 14, 2019

It is time to allow yourself to be more open to receiving from The Universe.  It may be in the form of messages, gifts, opportunities or connections with others.  Being able to invite and open the lines of communication will give you the chance to change your world in ways that you have not experienced before.  The first step is to listen, knowing that whatever you see/feel/hear from The Universe will always bring a positive to your life.  This is your time and The Universe is waiting. ~ Creator

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Incoming! — The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley – April 26, 2019

My dear child, the ride is about to get a little more interesting than you anticipated. (Smiling) Another huge wave of energy is coming to your Earth bearing gifts, changes, knowledge and quantum leaping. Each of you, of course, will handle it in a way that works best for you. There may be some jagged edges that need to be smoothed as well as feelings and emotions that need to be worked through. Handle them as they come up. The longer they are ignored, the more challenging they become. Do not let ego get in the way of your growth. If you need help, ask…The Universe is beside and guiding you in all things. ~ Creator

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FDA Rewards Johnson & Johnson’s Lies with Cancer Drug Approval — The Truth About Cancer – April 24, 2019

man giving bribe

– April 24, 2019

Earlier this month, the FDA granted accelerated approval to Johnson & Johnson’s new bladder cancer drug, even as the company deals with the fallout from asbestos-containing talc and surgical mesh.

The drug, Balversa, was approved based on a small study of just 87 patients and will cost up to $5,670 per week.

This is fortunate timing for Johnson & Johnson – and their investors – and presents an opportunity for billions in new revenue. But as the company faces thousands of lawsuits from customers who have been injured or killed by their products, it’s easy to wonder if Johnson & Johnson and their friends at the FDA are more interested in profit than cancer patients.

Let’s take a look at the darker side of Johnson & Johnson, the people who have been hurt by their lies, and the truth behind their new cancer treatment.

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Upgrades Are Coming ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – September 20, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun the process of giving you the various upgrades that you’ve been asking for. We are working, of course, in concert with your guides to provide you with the unique upgrades that each of you has been asking for individually. Now, these upgrades are different than the universal ones that you sometimes receive. Those upgrades are given because of where you are on your evolutionary journey, and they are given to everyone.

The upgrades that we are referring to are the ones that you have personally requested, whether the request was for clairvoyance, the ability to channel, or to be able to heal others. We have been working with your guides and your higher selves because so many of you have been reaching out to us, specifically, and we have been able to convince your guides and higher selves at times that you are ready for some true growth and some new abilities that will help sustain you during the rest of the time that you have in the fourth dimension.

We are happy and eager to provide you with these upgrades while you are asleep, and it is important for all of you to know that once you have an upgrade, you will still need to learn how to use it. So just because you receive a clairvoyance upgrade, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to start accessing that gift without any focus on your part. Most of you will still need to sit and open your third eyes to see what you are receiving.

You will still need to master the use of the gifts you are given, and mostly you will need to trust that what you are receiving is in fact real and not just your imagination, your mind, or your ego. Receive your new gifts graciously, and practice, practice, practice, and you will have a lot more fun there on Earth with your new toys.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Archangel Metatron via SoulFullHeart, July 16th, 2017

You are scattered, yes. You’ve needed to be displaced and scattered. You’ve been like a spilled bag of marbles, rolling and spinning away from each other, going in all different directions. Colorful fragments split off from the One Source of…Read more

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Are You in the 1% of the Population that is Genetically of Higher Frequency? – June 20, 2017

Do you notice or even feel frustrated because the supplements, medicines, diets, and modalities that seem to work for other people don’t work for you?

Do you do what most would consider “all the right things” for your health and spirit and still feel that you are not functioning optimally?

Do your energies, moods, and immune system feel like they need a boost even when you take extra time for “self-care?”

If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, there is a very good chance that you are part of the 1% of the population that is genetically of higher frequency

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10 Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose, Get Out There, and Change the World – April 16, 2017

April 17th, 2017 By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World The truth is, your purpose is not about one thing. You are intricately linked to an expansive and intelligent Universe. To have just one magical thing that you are to be doing in this life is thinking way too small. Yet, finding purpose is…

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Former Patagonia CEO Gifts One Million Acres To Chile For National Parks – April 10, 2017

Parque Pumalin, Chile

In the largest ever private land donation to a government in Latin America, the one million acres composing Parque Pumalín has been given to Chile. Inspired by the gift, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed an agreement to place Parque Pumalín, as well as 10 million acres of federal land under environmental protection.

The massive area (three times the size of Yellowstone and Yosemite put together) will now be designated for national parklands. “Today, we are bequeathing to the country the greatest creation of protected areas in our history,” said Bachelet in a speech.

The sprawling valleys of Parque Pumalín were originally patched together 25 years ago by two American conservationists, Doug Tompkins and Kris McDivitt Tompkins, as part of their legacy of “wild lands philanthropy”. It was their vision to preserve the lands from the sweeping industrial development consuming much of Chile, where mining is a major factor in GDP and national exports….

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