Your Brief Time – Feb 12, 2017

A gentle reminder; your time on your Earth plane is very short.  There are many decisions to be made, paths to explore and emotions to move through.  My darling child, the gifts that each of your experiences bring may not always seem like gifts in the moment, but when you look back on your life you will be able to see how truly beautiful it all is.  Choose wisely, choose happiness, choose wonderful…you will never be disappointed! ~ Creator




Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda, January 7th, 2017

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: “Do You Know How Powerful You Are?” “Beautiful Beloveds, do you know how powerful you are? The beauty within you wants to come out. The beautiful gifts within you want to come out. Do you…Read more

via Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Fran Zepeda, January 7th — Sananda

Needed! – December 25, 2016

My darling one, I know that awakening or being fully awake in a world of ‘sleepers’ can be a challenging experience.  Your unique understanding and explanations of your Earth plane seem to fall on deaf ears.  You may, indeed, feel as if you are being viewed as a body with three heads.  Never fear, my love!  Changes, however slow they feel to you, are coming.  Embrace your beautiful gifts and know you are very needed during this process! ~ Creator



Look Around…October 24, 2016

My darling one; take time today to notice those around you.  It may not be obvious at first glance, but light bringers come in all shapes and sizes.  They may not have your skill set or original gifts, however, they do have them!  From the small child speaking words of wisdom far beyond their years to the seemingly ‘unstable’ individual muttering to themselves on a street corner; each has chosen to bring light in their own way.  They are all around you.  As you move through your daily life, it is important to remember that each has something to give.  Listen….observe…..and learn! ~ Creator