Teotihuacán: City Of The Gods Or Ancient Spaceport? — Humans Are Free – March 7, 2020


(Humans Are Free)  The time: The first century. The place: Teotihuacán, one of the largest Mayan cities in ancient Mexico. Its name means “City of the Gods,” or “the place where men become gods.”

Despite the ancient time period, the civilization was a bustling metropolis, housing sophisticated infrastructure, engineering, and technology.

Suddenly, the residents of the great city disappeared in 7 A.D., leaving behind their once-thriving civilization. →

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(Video) Gizas okända och hemliga undre städer – Pseudoarkeologi? — NewsVoice.se – 26 Mars, 2019

KULTUR. Denna video som publicerades på Youtube i mars 2019 tar spekulationer om påstådda fynd under Gizaplatån till nya högre nivåer av ny kunskap eller längre ner i ren pseudovetenskap. NewsVoice kommenterar inte denna video. Det får du göra.

Läs mera & video: “Mind-Boggling Discovery Under Giza Plateau, This Completely Defies Belief!” (18:18) via Gizas okända och hemliga undre städer – Pseudoarkeologi? — NewsVoice