Grieving Orca Highlights Plight of Endangered Whales – Aug 3, 2018

The size of the Orca herd in the Pacific Northwest waters has fallen to 75 as birthed calves continue to die.

Their plight is symptomatic of the poor health of the world’s oceans.

Grieving orca highlights plight of endangered whales

PHUONG LE, Associated Press, Aug. 1, 2018

SEATTLE (AP) — Whale researchers are keeping close watch on an endangered orca that has spent the past week keeping her dead calf afloat in Pacific Northwest waters, a display that has struck an emotional chord around the world and highlighted the plight of the declining population that has not seen a successful birth since 2015.

Researchers have observed the 20-year-old whale known as J35 pushing her dead young along and propping it up while swimming for miles in the waters of Washington state and British Columbia. The calf died July 24 shortly after it was born.

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