Father God: Higher Plan — Era of Light – May 19, 2018

My children, I love you all very much. And now is really the time for all of you to love yourself more. It’s time for you to fall in love with life. To love your life. To move forward in this grand adventure that is your life, in ways that will bring you the greatest…Read more

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Mike Quinsey and Kryon, May 18th, 2018

Kryon continues to give revelations of the intended future for us. Gradually we are learning more about the Pleiadians our forefathers and obviously it is sensible to ensure we know what part they will play in our future evolution. We…Read more

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Matthew Ward: Earth’s Future — May 17, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with a reader’s comments about a topic that several others have questioned: “North Korea’s former peace gestures never came to anything. Analysts I’ve heard don’t expect that pattern to change. I’d like to know Matthew’s perspective.” Analysts derive a situation’s…Read more

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Sai Baba: Small Steps Lead to Great Things — May 12, 2018

“COINCIDENCE” God protects you, ascended masters protect you, archangels and angels protect you! You are never on your own, and every “coincidence” is part of your life plan, presenting you with what supports your process of becoming more aware. This is what the days of true adepts and true seekers look like – those very…Read more

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 11 May 2018

Many things are happening on many different levels and some are so secret that the facts may never be revealed. These situations come about through the competitive nature of the different countries who try to lead the way, particularly…Read more

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GFP Newsletter – 5/2/2018

The Vatican pope has declared it a sin to confess directly to God; you have to confess to the priest. And of course it has to be a catholic priest – only he is authorized to have a direct communication with God. You cannot pray directly, you cannot ask forgiveness directly.

Do you see the cunningness, the meanness, the whole strategy of exploitation? The priest becomes more important than God himself. On the one hand these people go on calling you children of God, and on the other, children cannot directly communicate with their father; a priest is needed as a mediator. The reality is, there is no God outside; it is the invention of the priest. And he has invented a great business. For centuries he has been exploiting men, whether they are Hindus or Mohammedans or Christians or Jews – it does not matter.


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Archangel Uriel: The Light Breaks Through — April 28, 2018

Beloved humans! Beloved humans of the one, eternal, infinite and omnipresent God! We are one and I am amongst you! I am ARCHANGEL URIEL It’s time to experience profound changes. It is time for the inner and outer transformation of mankind and the world. What I’ve come to reveal to you is: The divine light…Read more

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