Matthew via Suzy Ward, September 16th, 2019

Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward, Sept. 16, 2019

September 16, 2019

September 16, 2019

(  With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With joy we share the message recently given to my mother by one of the volunteers who went to Earth to help her peoples. →

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You are a Beacon of Light | Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel — Voyages of Light – August 27, 2019

You are a Beacon of Light

August 27, 2019
By Suzanne Maresca

by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel, August 25, 2019,

Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the Love and the Wisdom that You Seek.

Just as a ship at sea can find the land it is seeking through the beacon light on shore, so it is the power of your prayers. The guiding light of your prayers sets an intention for your life that leads the way to all you require for an abundant, healthy and joy-filled life. →

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Be like the Beloved Animals | Heavenletters #2308 — Voyages of Light – August 27, 2019

Be like the Beloved Animals | Heavenletters

AUG 27 2019

God said:

Turn your worries over to Me. You are not to have them. They are extraneous to you. They have nothing to do with you. You pursue your worries, you repeat them over and over again, and you create angst in your heart and in the hearts around you. There is a vibration to worry, and it is not a pretty song. →

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(Reader Post) Response to Benjamin Fulford – Aug 2, 2019

Reader Post | One of the inheritors of the New Earth

Benjamin Fulford Report: “Detailed Plan” — July 29, 2019

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for sharing your vision of a world future planning agency. I find I take a few exceptions to it.

You propose an agency with “high-level support from the Pentagon, the Vatican, and the British Commonwealth.”

It may come as a surprise to the people and demonic entities making up these control centers that I personally have had enough of their so-called ‘leadership’. They have ‘led’ humankind into war, economic disaster, environmental disaster, moral depravity and every other negative thing conceivable. What makes them think they should continue to ‘lead’ us? Or even have any part in the decision making of our future? Furthermore, after the people of the Earth learn of their deeds, which they soon will, how can they even conceive of a world where anyone would want to have anything to do with them?

No – people will be outraged. Justice will be served. The truth will win out.

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The Dark Patriarchy’s War with The Goddess – July 8, 2019


by Elizabeth Wilcock – July 7, 2019

A couple weeks ago, while dining out with my mother and step-father, I overheard a woman in the booth next to us scolding her child for wanting to go to the bathroom.

“No!” she demanded, “You can’t go to the bathroom alone! Do you know what child trafficking is?”

What? Child trafficking!

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Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, July 5th, 2019

5th July 2019. Mike Quinsey. 

I would like to introduce this week’s message with an extract from one of Kryon’s recent messages, as in my opinion it is monumental in its implications.

“I follow the God inside and that is pure, and everything that I control with the intent to listen to the voice and be that thing that is in line with the Creative Source, which is in me and talks to me, and that is why I am not going to age much anymore, because I dropped my karma and I am in control”

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Utsava Psychic Medium — Victory, Independence Day, Reset, JFK Jr., QAnon – June 23, 2019

Image courtesy of Utsava Psychic Medium on YouTube.

A Job Well Done!-Victory-July 4 Independence Day Celebration-Reset-JFK jr.-Q Anon-Anon Notable.

By Utsava Psychic Medium
Published on Jun 22, 2019

Video – (39:15)