The Council: Your Greatest Fear — Era of Light – November 14, 2018

One of the recent questions that you have sent us requests that we discuss your greatest fear further. “Yes I would like further information regarding this topic…. (XIII: Is it really possible to anchor the Godself within) I assume one of the reasons we are so afraid to accept our own power and who [we]…..Read more

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 7th, 2017: Beyond the New Energy Waves


My Beloveds!

It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily can transcend your old world because the new light-vibration is empty of the disturbing information of your old world. It vibrates in a divine beauty and brilliance that is completely unattainable and unrecognizable by those missing still unconditional love and the willingness to receive the expanding light of higher divine intelligence.

It is possible from now for a new world to arise, a world, basically free from suffering, a world of love and great joy. There are very, very few who are able at this time to establish permanently this new consciousness and its spotless frequency, to maintain it and live it.

However, still it is a vibration of the mind, although of the divine mind. But it is not My Source Energy and Light, although some of my Beloveds think it is.

It is a derivation of Me, an appearance of white light from My Absolute Divine Radiant Source Condition in Which the whole universe appears to be even dark!

How would you Know!

You will understand the relative truth of the new frequency as you will notice that it is something different from you, coming to you, a vibration that is – ‘outside’ from you – arriving from the Cosmos…..

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