Gold, New Moon in Leo, August 21, 2017 – published August 16th, 2017

The most anticipated and debated astrological event of the Summer is upon us. The upcoming New Moon in Leo, the second of two Leo New Moons in a row, marks both the grand finale to this tumultuous Eclipse season, and…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 12, 2017

As many of you are experiencing change, particularly feeling drawn to stepping into service, or changing your service, you may feel the need to find the one thing you should be doing. We are going to encourage you to look at things a little differently.

Most of you were raised to find the one thing you would like to do. You were asked often as a child what you would like to be when you grow up. There was an expectation that you would have clarity about what the one thing would be and would work toward that goal so you could be that one thing stepping out into the world as a young adult. To be too varied in your interests was deemed frivolous or flighty.

You are now experiencing multi-dimensionality, both within yourselves and with your interests. You are recognizing you are not just one thing, but rather, multi-faceted beings with many interests and talents. You are also most focused on expansion, growth, and pioneering, which involves the exploration of many different paths and activities.

This serves you well, as being drawn to many different types of activities, or offering different types of services allows the universe to provide a stream of abundance to you whatever the energies might be supporting.

So one day, self expression through art might be supported, allowing you to create beautiful works that you can share or sell. Another day, offering your healing gifts might be how you offer your highest service. Another day writing might be where the energies take you. There is a flow that allows you to move with with ease and satisfaction, whatever the energetic theme of the day might be.

Do you see? If you feel drawn to only do one thing that is fine and perfect for you, but do not feel like that is the only way to do things. Most of you are blooming and opening to expressing yourselves in many different and wondrous ways.

We encourage you to honour all of the things that draw you, for exploring your many gifts and interests is how you shine gloriously in your truth and divine capability, and allow your soul to revel in the freedom of self expression and varied, joyful service. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Thursday August 10, 2017

There is a part of you that can connect with and anchor any energy that you wish to experience. As a beloved individuated aspect of Source energy, of All That Is, you have access to all that is.

Just as you can search your computer or a library for any topic matter under the sun, you can also seek to find whatever you wish to explore within yourself. It does not matter if the energy hasn’t been used for a long time, or ever, it is still available to you.

As you evolve you will begin to play more and more with the energies that have always existed within you. You will move beyond your self imposed limitations by recognizing that everything has been there all along.

Enlightenment is when, with your free will, you decide to go deep into the exploration of Self and express yourself from the myriad of divine options you already hold, and that, Dear Ones, will be your most exciting and satisfying foray into mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel

The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 8th, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings to all on this August 8 Lion’s Gate! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today….Read more

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 2, 2017

Many enlightening human beings came onto the earth to be of service. They understood the ascension of the planet and her inhabitants was a true potential and came to assist that process. Because many had attempted such a task before in other incarnations and failed, they came onto the planet with a great sense of…

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 1, 2017


Do you believe that the universe tests you? To believe that you are being tested suggests that you also believe you are being judged and graded. Dear Ones, nothing is further from the truth!

We only have unconditional love and support for you. We encourage you to have a myriad of experiences, for that is how you define yourself and decide what you would like to experience next with your free will. If we are not judging you, why should you be so hard on yourself?

Take the pressure off and understand that being on the planet, in a human body, is deciding to enter the playland of experience. This is so you can better know and choose your preferences, which supports your expansion and growth, and allows you to demonstrate your mastery for no other reason than that is who you are.

And that, Dear Ones, is the true freedom and joy of self expression we wish to see from each and every one of you, for that is how you add to the mosaic of the whole in the ways that only you can do. ~Archangel Gabriel