Reader: DSHS Taking my Daughter – February 1, 2019

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

(Stories contributed by Judy Byington:

Hi judy,

I read your articles which compelled to email you. My daughter was raped by my babysitter’s son in Nov 9. The commissioner who takes care of jury duty would not stop calling me to duty every month. I had a doctor excuse me but she called the doctor and said he did not know her even though it was in winters (my daughter) doctors office. My daughter is disability.

She developed a rash so I took her to the doctor nov 28th. The doctor saw how wide open she was and reported the rape to DSHS and sheriff department. The sheriff Coffman sat on it two month and said he could not find evidence. So they threw it and blamed me. Took my daughter away to another town. Never to this day given me any paperwork though they set a court hearing. They claim they tried to deliver a court summons at 8am in the morning for court at 10am same day. The report claims she is not safe and the case worker wrote a bogus report. Even included her birthday party that was at the private school she goes to. The daycare person who’s son raped her had videotaped the rape when I finally got my daughter to tell me the story. She watched her before when winter came back from children’s hospital for hip surgery. Winter has been going there for 3 to 4 years. She went through everything in my home, stole my jewelry. I trusted her because of the boce program hiring here as winter’s teacher for one year.

Winter is a drug baby that was born with 2 holes in heart, displaced hips, autism and under developed digestive system. I spent my life since I got her getting her better. She now goes to school and talks fairly well.

I had one visit, winter looks and acts drugged. We met at McDonald’s. I still to this day have no paper of them taking her. I have a lawyer that went to school for a week. She was appointed by DSHS. Nancy lake. I asked DSHS over and over for paperwork.

I am very worried she looked drugged and tried to grabbed my hand and tried to sneak out of McDonald s through emergency exit.

Reader: Huge Pro President Trump March in D.C. Called #WalkAway – October 28, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Tina

One young Man was fed up so he created a movement that went viral called Walkaway. that turned into a huge march yesterday and today. Thousands of Americans many middle age and older who were tired showed up all Republicans, pro Trump, everyone was loving. With one thing in common there sick of the division, false flags, lies and negativity. Thousand of people showed up with flags, speakers, musicians, sharing feelings and thoughts this is what America use to be like. Something beautiful happened this weekend and its wonderful to stop and take in just relax everything is going to work out our future is going to Glorious~~~~

looks like were are uniting love is here.


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Reader: Stop this Shit — GESARA Cannot be Ignored – October 28, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

Transition communication.

Dear reader of this proposal, I would like a reaction that allows us to act interactively for the survival of our own entity, sovereignty, with its own democratic interpretation from the population instead of following corrupt technocrats from National politics.

If politics does not listen to us, it is up to us to look after our own interests without the traitors from The Hague and the Royal Family.

We have to fill in the picture ourselves instead of being relegated to slave to a communist EU for an NWO agenda.

This affects 99% of the population, so it should not be too difficult to do things well together in our interest.

Even before 11 December if Rutte, on behalf of Multinationals, Royal House and Political gangster MEP, wishes to sell our interests, we must have the plan ready.

Fortunately, GESARA will be a fact before 11 December, which will allow us to take action ourselves.

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Reader: Treaty Marrakesh High Alert – October 27, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

The Treaty of Marrakesh, High Alert.

An unelected body the UN wants to impose their fascist will on the world population.

1. The UN cannot enter into or enforce treaties for sovereign states if the population has not had a say in them.

2. Treaties drawn up under false pretences to cause chaos can never be GESARA compatible.

3. Globalists who do want to sign do not have the mandate to do so from their own people.

4. No sovereign state should be forced to participate in this treaty.

5. Government leaders who do want to sign this agreement like Rutte on behalf of the Netherlands cannot do so because the legal basis for it is lacking.

6. Treaties that are established by fraud, deception, and deceit are void.

The plan of the UN fascists to impose a world religion on non-Muslim countries in order to destroy their culture is therefore a premeditated crime.

It cannot be that a large part of the world’s population must be sacrificed their hard-won rights, knowledge and culture to impose an unelected world government.

We are being sprayed by the Bilderberg Nazis with heavy metals and disease-making substances, as if we were insects.

It is important that the arrests of Bilderberg criminals before December 11th is carried out to prevent great misery.

I hope all Global Patriots will bring these criminals before a tribunal soon.

Once GESARA is announced and the RV/GCR is a fact, all Globalists’ and governments’ accounts are blocked to make their crime against their own people impossible.

It would be a crime not to stop this.

Everyone has the right to be free, without harming or coercing anyone else for their own sake.

The UN here deliberately commits as part of the Bankers Elite to roll out a global genocide plan, this is equivalent to a declaration of war against two-thirds of the world’s population.

The unelected Corrupt Nazi EU is part of the plan to destroy Europe and the Western world, the Euro is their weapon.

Share this information and make sure this plan is not going to be executed and can be.

Kind Regards
Rinus Verhagen.

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Reader: President Trump Press Briefing on Military at Border – October 20, 2018

Another promise kept. The Deep State droughts California, artificially. Trump facilitates change. Water for California, Oregon, Washington.

Mexico is cooperating to stop the caravans into our country more than we count on the Democrats to put us first. “Immigration” is all Dems have to run on.

About the water, The Deep State would rather make deals with selling water to the off planet controllers, while we starve and struggle under the Georgia Guidestone Agenda 21 population elimination plan.

Not on Trumps watch. Vote for life.

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Reader: No One Owns Disclosure – October 15, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Jason Rice

Many people do not know who I am so let me share a few words of introduction. My name is Jason Rice and I recently came into public awareness on the Gaia series, COSMIC DISCLOSURE. This is the platform that I chose to go public for the first time about my experiences in MILAB and SSP programs. At risk to my personal safety and my professional life working as a multi-discipline Civil and Electrical Engineer for over 21-years, I decided in 2017 to go public because I feel it is time to disclose my involvement in ongoing unacknowledged special access programs with the explicit hope of contributing valuable information to the Disclosure effort.

When deciding upon going public with my experiences, I was fully aware of the potential ramifications from various government and non-government agencies involved with the SSP. The agencies’ typical whistleblower discredit playbook includes the usual media manipulation, civil legal actions, slander, ridicule, and even perhaps, threats as a result of my coming forward. I did not, however, imagine that another SSP veteran would fulfill the role of bullying, ridicule, civil legal action and manipulation of the alternative media to further a narrative, agenda and/or opinion. 

At 10:46 a.m. (PST) On October 3, 2018 I was served with a legal letter from the attorney of James Corey Goode mere hours before my interview with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black. A copy of the letter is included with this article. The main goal of coming forward with my experiences is about contributing to the goal of full disclosure. There are many voices out there who have spoken about the SSP and other classified programs that date back to the late 1980s. Many more are in a position to come out but are cautious because of the ridicule and overtly aggressive behaviors from within the truth seeker community, not to mention the very real threats from and targeting by SSP involved government and non-government agencies alike. 

Whistleblowers and Insiders have a tremendous amount of information to contribute. The SSP-puzzle has many pieces and many compartmentalized parts. I do not pretend to know all the thousands of people that have been/are involved. This secrecy within the SSP is deliberate in order to specifically restrict knowledge in the event of leaks and/or whistleblower testimony. There are many factions with assets, people, interests and agendas in the SSP. The best thing we can do to further the disclosure movement is to encourage those who are willing to come forward to do so. This movement is far bigger than any one person, group, narrative or interest. 

In September 2017, I was invited by Gaia to be a guest on Cosmic Disclosure. I was told shortly after that Corey Goode refused to appear with me on the show. Gaia conveyed my offer to meet and discuss my experiences but this opportunity was declined by Corey Goode. I am not alone in this arbitrary “blacklisting” experience either. There are other whistleblowers that were similarly blacklisted long before I ever stepped foot on Gaia property. It is not my place to provide their names and those who experienced it firsthand will speak out if that is their wish. The point here is that a SSP whistleblower decided FOR YOU what information you are given. 

Gaia was hopeful that Corey would reconsider his position on my testimony, given Corey Goode originally refused to appear with Emery Smith on the series as well. Honoring Corey’s request, Gaia then invited me to appear on a different series in Feb 2018. 

In March 2018, Corey Goode filed for copyright protection with the USPTO for intellectual property protection of the terms “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, and “countless other topics and areas of interest.” 

No one owns these terms or programs, nor the efforts to bring this information forward. To trademark and thus control or restrict use of the terms “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, “and “countless other topics and areas of interest” by Corey Goode is contrary to what the Truth Seeking community has been working towards for decades. 

The SSP whistleblower community is growing and there is a shared bond among the veterans of these programs. As an SSP veteran, I can tell you from personal experience how appreciative and thankful I am of those who went public before I did. These include Mark Richards, Randy Cramer, Tony Gonzales, Michael Relfe, Aug Tellez and many, many others. Thousands have been and are currently participating in Secret Space Programs around the globe. For them to express their personal experiences and testimonies does not equate to plagiarism. 

To be clear, I do not harbor any ill feelings or intentions towards Corey Goode. I also do not ask for, condone or support any acts of violence, bullying or vigilantism. It is my hope that bringing these issues into the light will generate meaningful, loving and respectful discourse about the strength of many voices and to end all attempts at securing intellectual property protection of common-use termsCby anyone. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to disclose my SSP experiences and genuinely encourage other whistleblowers to come forward and share their own. 

I ask for your support by reposting this article (without changing the content) and by proclaiming that no one owns disclosure. The control of these terms should not rest in the hands of one person, group or corporation to decide what is and is not deemed accurate, true, or appropriate. We’ve all had plenty of time to digest and experience firsthand, this kind of censorship. The placement of these terms should remain clearly and solidly, in the public domain. 


Jason Rice

Article_No One Owns Disclosure_10-15-18.pdf

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Reader: Sadhguru Left the Audience Speechless — 70% of the internet is Pornography – October 15, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Because of information posted on IDC and OD about pedophilia, etc., we are more aware of some problems than others. This video, while brief, packs a loaded message: a huge wake up call about the magnitude of internet pornography. Perhaps we can better understand how challenging it is to reduce, and eliminate such a pervasive problem.

Published on Oct 15, 2018

Sadghuru left the audience speechless: “70% is only pornography”

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Reader: Rampant Worldwide Pedophilia and International Tribunal for Natural Justice – September 23, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By One Who Loves

Links here provide the most comprehensive information and testimonials I have seen regarding rampant pedophilia – the ultimate source of corruption in ALL governments.

Over 800,000 children go missing in the USA every year; unfortunately, as a “Canuck”, I have no good number sources for Canada, BUT Google reports 57,233 in 1987 and 47,168 in 2017. Are we to believe this reduction??? Since Canada is about 10% the size of the US, their numbers suggest we should have a number closer to 80,000.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth, did her part in 1964 when she took 10 native children on a picnic from which none ever returned… The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. [No one has been able to serve the warrant yet…]

Elizabeth’s misdeeds:

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Reader: Just Adding to the Censorship – September 17, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

I’ve been seeing so much censorship on social media of the truth that is being exposed on the Intel pages it has come time for me to share this. Many of my posts on social media pertaining to natural health have been censored also. To this day many links don’t show and pictures are not allowed to be uploaded. Yet I see others doing all this regularly if it agrees with the MSM. I noted back in the early 1980’s how the f-d-a was trying to find ways to regulate natural health related products by making companies change labels. An example is back then it was Minimum Daily Requirement for vitamin labels. Then it was changed to read Recommended Daily Allowance and the amounts were literally cut in 1/2! This is just one example in health food stores back then. Fast forward to the way they have been trying to regulate more and more companies who sell truly healthy foods as opposed to the junk food health food stores. The latter get to fly by double charging people to make them sick. Organic sugar, all kinds of chemicals and gmo’s being added edible “health food” not just to personal care and cleaning products. I have been in business for over 20 years and before that I taught natural healing for free for 10 years because it is my calling and passion. In the last 2-3 weeks I have been banned by 3 credit card processors. One claimed I was selling narcotics on my site another said I was selling illegal drugs and they specifically were referring to cordyceps. Although they both spoke these things to me on the phone, they refused to put it in an email! The third one said it went against their policy and called me a high risk business because it’s nutrition. I figured after the first credit card processor banned me that the f-d-a must be getting tired of doing all their “work” to “monitor” true health businesses because they want to push their drug agenda on people and keep them medicated and fearful so they can’t think for them self anymore. Many never knew how to think for them self because their parents were already so brainwashed they did the f-d-a’s work for them and brainwashed their own children. This was not the case before the US came into being. I have a local friend who is in her 70’s and from India. She told me when someone goes to a doctor in India and they leave with a prescription, it is filled with herbs not man made drugs. My many contacts in China inform me that China used to be the same way – Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing their herbal system that is thousands of years old was the country’s only healing needed. Many other countries you will find are identical in history utilizing the herbs that grow naturally in that country. Daniel Boone was an American ginseng farmer who lived off the land and he lost a ship load of ginseng when it went on its way to his customer. Wonder who was behind that loss? Then the US comes along and starts their man made medical system of drugs.

All the brainwashing starts. It’s taken over buy the f-d-a who pushes these same drugs on all the countries of the world. Now there are man made drugs in every country thanks to the US who has the youngest medical system in the world and the highest rates of many diseases including obesity due to all the propaganda to get people to eat junk food. Oh yes we can’t forget all the fast food restaurants started in the US too and then made their way into the other countries. Is the US Mystery Babylon?

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Reader: Vitamin B-17 for Cancers – September 2, 2018

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By June Ann

Vitamin B-17 for Cancers

Apricot Seeds contain the most B-17 of all plant matter on Earth. Eating 2-3 Raw Apricot Seeds should take care of the Vitamin B-17 deficiency. I consume 1 in the morning and 1 at night. If one wants to eat more, consult a naturopath, homeopathic physician, kinesiologist or physician of choice on the subject. Eating six to ten seeds daily is a common amount. But remember to never over consume apricot seeds, always start with a small amount and slowly increase that amount if you feel you want to.

I get mine from eBay Apricot Seeds But there are lots of others who carry this.

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