How Hemp (Cannabis) Could Be Used As A Biofuel(Videos) – May 30, 2017

“Biodiesel can be produced from a great variety of feedstocks but the choice for the best one depends largely on economics, geography and climate . According to The Guardian , hemp can be used to create biodiesel and bioethanol. Contrary to Popular Belief, Hemp Oil Products Are Not Marijuana.

For , while cannabis and hemp both come from the same species, hemp contains negligible amounts of THC (the chemical that makes the marihuana plant a potent drug). Therefore, handling it, eating it or inhaling the gasses or smoke from it will not intoxicate you in any way. Although, if you eat it, you may feel full.

hemp chart biodiesel

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New Expedition Tours Sustainable Projects in Costa Rica(Photos & Video) – May 28, 2017

Article by: Zander Hathaway Amidst the majestic coastal mountains, epic waterfalls, and warm beaches of Costa Rica, the first Sustainable Living Expedition was, for me, the educational adventure of a lifetime, and there are many more on the horizon. As a member of the team, my role was to provide hospitality, accompany guests on excursions, and…

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Could It Really Be, The End Of Meat? (Video) – May 28, 2017

It is no longer a secret that the mass production and consumption of meat and other animal products are one of the leading causes of environmental degradation and climate change on our planet. The cat is out of the bag, and even though (for some reason) large environmental agencies have swept this issue under the…

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