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Look Back with Love | The Angels via Ann Albers — Voyages of Light – December 28, 2019

Message from the Angels 12/28/2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As your year draws to a close, rather than breathing a collective sigh of relief and saying, “Whew, thank goodness that’s over,” take time to focus on your lives with gratitude and love. The soul knows that no matter how challenging, or how easy, every precious moment of life upon your planet earth is a gift. As the decade turns dear ones, use this as an opportunity to give thanks for your life, your blessings, and most of all for yourself. →

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 14 December 2018

David Wilcock 2016.12.12. New Living Expo.

Forty ET groups have bases on the Moon and inside the Earth and they call the Earth – the experiment. The Sphere Beings first showed up in the 1980’s, when a gigantic Orb the size of Neptune was found in our Solar System heading towards our planet, and it circled all of them in turn. Around 1999-2001we had a number of Spheres coming into our Solar System that have remained ever since. In November 2015 in Australia aboard the new Aircraft Carrier “Aegis” they had a massive Draco Super Beam Weapon and they fired upon a Sphere causing it to glow bright red, and it then re-directed the particle beam back to the Aircraft Carrier, and it blew up the whole base in Pine Gap. After that a “no fly” zone was created around the Earth.

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, December 31st, 2017


Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Channel Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I wish you all A Happy New Year. We are at the cusp of large changes in the coming year. These changes will take place on both the inner and outer plane. The peace is here now dear children on Earth and this can create completely different conditions than those that you are used to. It means that resources can be used for humanitarian purposes and for better and more humane technologies for yourself and your Earth.

It is now a time for still calmness. The calm before the storm somebody might wonder, but the storm has weakened. There are only some strong winds here and there. The pot can however start to boil in this year of disclosure. Many feelings can be stirred up and might need to be calmed down by the more experienced who already know and feel what is on the way. It is a time for deliberation, a time for planning and a time for putting a new plant in the ground. Times are changing and so are we – nothing can continue as before. From the truth the knowing comes forth that a new era has dawned and a new way of living has started on Earth. Think again and think new are the slogans that are heard on Earth today. We are One and we belong together – everything that is done is done for us, for us as a grand human collective. Everything that is done is also done for all other inhabitants that live on our Earth in various societies. Together we form a unit with much respect and love for each other. It is time to take each other by the hand now and to dance to the new music that is now sounding all over our Earth. Hear the tones, feel the vibrations – they are light and joyful. Feel how the heart vibrates with the new tones that sound across the Earth today. The heart wants to sing, it wants to dance and it vibrates of love for all that is. Feel the relief that is in your body, let the tears fall out of joy for the new song that now is heard across Earth. The angels play and sing. Their songs can be heard wide and far and it makes your heart vibrate. Listen and feel how it vibrates in your body. Feel that a new époque has been born on Earth. A new époque of peace, joy and love. Allow yourselves to live in the light, in joy and in love, as this is where you belong.

Everything that you say and do will now be guided by the love in your heart and this is the only thing that can help you forward now. The love in your heart is the key that makes the door open up to the new world of peace and love that is now available to you whenever you decide to enter into it. This can sound a bit unbelievable in your ears, but it is nevertheless true as the truth resides in your heart and at the same time as you reach it you understand that it is true. It is true for you and all other beings that are together with you in that moment. In this moment anything can happen and it is you who steer your steps with the help of the wisdom in your heart. It is time to bring out your wisdom now dear children on Earth – your ancient wisdom of love and truth. It is time to bring out the tools, the tools that allow you to understand that you are more than you have become. These are the tools that make you understand the meaning of your life and the role you play in this world. It is a role that will lead to a new world of love and beauty being born. It is the role that will lead to your heart opening up and blossom into full bloom. It is these open hearts that now form a new world on Earth. You are all part of it.

I now send my light to all your hearts so that yet more can open up and show their unique flower. All these beautiful and unique flowers then together form a world the kind of which has never been seen before. It is fantastic, wonderful and beautiful.

Much love,



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

The messages posted on www.sananda.website can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.