How the Shamanic Medicine Iboga Can Resolve and Heal Childhood Trauma — February 20, 2018

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Imagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion of an….Read more

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Two Feather Says ~ Pray for me Please – November 25, 2017

Source: benjaminfulford.netBy  White Dragon Society

Two Feather Says  ~ Pray for me Please  ~  Now goes to a jury trial after 6 months, for false charges from the “Dark Side”. Hanging over his head is 10 to 20 years in A Federal Penitentiary. This is a final request to those who have compassion for Native American  Healer and Spiritual Adviser. To be able to continue these services to the World. Such Teachers are Diminishing.  Please donate your compassionate contribution to compensate his Lawyer who is tops and deserves to be paid. Any Donation Will be Accepted with Great Gratitude. An E-book can be sent to you when they come out soon, as a thank you. At    Two Feather     Legal fund    =  /    This $50 Thousand dollar ‘Bill’ can be hit by small & well intention-ed contributions from the  “World” ~  Thank You Very Much says Two Feather and Many Blessings Please make a difference.

 Bless you Ben and Thanks for your back up it really made a difference.