Chemtrails images from Sweden: The Swedish Government are responsible for these Chemtrails. The Swedish Government poisons its own people with Chemtrails (Video at the bottom: “USChemtrails – Fully Exposed”) – August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017

Update August 30, 2017


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Video: Chemtrails – Fully Exposed.



US Government Openly Announces Plan To Chemtrail-Spray Our Skies (Videos) — August 30, 2017

The US government and MIT are now admitting what we already know about the “conspiracy” of chemtrails. Plans have been announced for an experiment to “cover the sun” on a “small scale”. The project has been named “solar radiation management” (SRM).Their plans involve spraying the skies with various substances and chemicals such as Aluminium Oxide to…..Read more & videos

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New study: Vaccine Manufacturers & FDA Regulators Caught Hiding Risks of HPV Vaccines – August 12, 2017

New Documentary: Watch: The Truth about vaccines – A new study published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phony placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new…

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