Sananda: What Has Been Foretold Is Now Transpiring — Era of Light – April 14, 2020

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(Era of Light)

I am Sananda. It was going to be one of my aspects, that one known as Yeshua, that was going to be with you today, because of this time, these ⇲

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Blue Avians, Ter’ Aka via Galaxygirl | Voyages of Light – January 31, 2020

(Voyages of Light) 

Blue Avians, Ter’ Aka 1/30/2020

Herald to the light! We are the Blue Avians making contact through this one once again, as we bring good tidings of high energies and encodements through this one, in this most illustrious now. For the tide has turned. You are seeing, you are experiencing, you are witnessing the destruction of the matrix programming that has brought so much pain, and yet great learning and understanding, to so many. Gaia is to be praised for her willingness to withstand the dark, so that she may more aptly explode into the light. 

Herald to the light! Herald to the Christed consciousness, to Yeshua, Master and friend. We are the Blue Avians. We are your guardian angels in many ways for we have been overseeing this project Ascension Gaia for so long and are very willing to lend our light, our technology, our power of intellect and we extend our deep joy to you, grounded Gaians of the light. We see many coming together. We see more coming together shortly. We see tremendous changes of light encodements, of waves of love, of tears being dried, of hopes being lifted, of the children being able to laugh and be free in their play once again. For the realm of the dark has been changed to the realm of the light. And this we see, we deeply feel, we truly know that the light has won. →

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Yeshua: Celebrating The Birth Of The Christ Consciousness — Era of Light – December 24, 2019

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I am Yeshua. I come now at this time, in this moment of peace of oneness, your Christmas season, your holiday season. [I AM] Not coming because this was my time ➤➤

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Message from Ashtar, St. Germain, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father (5/4/19) | Galaxygirl — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

Ashtar, St. Germaine, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father 5/4/2019

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.


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Mira and Ashtar: Transmutative Energies — Era of Light – November 22, 2018

This is Mira of the Pleiadian Council. We are working non-stop, full throttle on mission Ascension Gaia at this Now, and we see you, our ground team, doing the very same. It warms our hearts. For we are united and strong in our purpose of oneness and connection, and together we are unstoppable. You have…Read more

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, October 28th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I understand that you are all impatient to start up your work, but everything has to happen in synchronicity with everything else. This is in regards to, as Sananda said through this channel at a meeting with other lightworkers, that it is done both on a political, individual and collective level. You have a job to do to develop yourselves and in this way spread it on a collective level. At the same time many different forces work on a political level. The collective field has much importance for this success. The stronger the collective field becomes the quicker developments on Earth become. It is through your existence in the light that the light spreads on Earth. All people who are aware have a task to stand strong in their own light. It has an effect many miles around. You spread it in the earth, the air and the water. The light is the fire that you spread through the different elements. You have a bigger contribution than many think they have. It is you who change the world dear children on Earth, just by holding your light high and clear. Do not let anybody disturb the light and the love that lives in your heart. It is the most beautiful and finest that you have. This is where it has started and it then spreads outwards all around in your world.

Do not be discouraged. Be firm in your belief in yourselves and that which is happening in your world. Be patient, your patience has been tested hard, but know and feel that you are on the right path and the light will stand as the victor in this time period. Do not let doubt lower your energies and thereby shade your light. Take back your power, your energy and faith. It is then that you feel the victory on your lips and it is then that you actually can see the large change that already has happened on our Earth. Your most important task right now is to hold the light high and then everything else will be taken care of. This can happen in many different ways. There are many solutions and the one that happens is the best one for humanity and the planet you live on. You decide in which manner this will happen with your own light that brightens up this planet a bit everywhere on Earth. Come together and work with the light dear children. In large or small groups it shines even brighter and clearer. You are a part of this transformation. You are one with Mother Earth – all of her earth, water and air. Wherever you go forward you see the changes there already. Use your fantasy and envision that your New World already is standing ready and you will then discover that it actually does. This might sound a bit too wonderful for your eyes, but nevertheless it is true.

Incredible things are happening on Earth today so have faith dear children on Earth. Trust and have faith and keep the light high in your heart. It is this that is required from you. Do what you can in order for yourselves and Earth to do well. Take care of yourselves and do what you can in order to strengthen your own light and your own faith in the light that now has reached Earth and which awakens everything that is ready to be woken up. You are beginning to become a considerably sized group of lightworkers on Earth and this reinforces continuously the collective field. The dark does not have many places to left to go. It is all the time pushed back by the light. So everything is to your advantage dear children on Earth. So hold the light high and be strong in your faith. The game has started and you will soon all be able to join in. It will change the politics in flash and something completely different will stand by the door.

Be true, faithful and trusting and your cup will be filled to the brim. All this is happening now my dear friends, everything is happening now… Open up your eyes and you will understand what is happening.

I leave you now in true love,



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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