David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A — Transcription by Kat – April 4, 2020

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A -- Transcription by Kat

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Sierra (NZ)

I offer my fourth, partial, transcription of a David Wilcock video. I got as far as 2 hours, seven minutes. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow. I do it because I feel the information is important, and not everyone likes to watch hours of videos.

David Wilcock on the Great Pandemic, Part IV: Q&A 4-1-20

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Message of the Moment from Horus via Nancy Tate | January 8, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Message of the Moment

01-08-20: When the time comes for all of you to see what the difference has been and will continue to be on this planet, then you will begin to understand why there are so many beings from off planet here and in positions to accompany you in so many ways. It is a time for all of you to see the light in so many ways that will tell you that there is a wondrous change coming to this planet, and that it will be the infrastructure of a new way of living that has only been heard by some of the people on this planet. It is a new way of seeing life, and for those of you who know what I am speaking of, I tell you that you are in place to move forward for those who have wondered what is going on in so many ways around the world. You can be the example of what is taking place in so many ways; therefore you will be there for them to ask questions to and to be open to receive the answers that open so many eyes and hearts to the truth of who they truly are.

I am Horus, and I see so many of you who are ready to hear and walk forward in what is the truth of all life here and beyond.

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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Messages of the Moment From Horus – The Tree of the Golden Light – October 16, 2019

Messages of the Moment From Horus

(The Tree of the Golden Light)  10-15-19: If you were to go to sleep in the moment and awaken in the break of day in another land, another country, another planet, where do you feel it would be, and how long would it take you to recognize it as your new home? If it were to be the resume of the return that you have been hearing about, would you see that it has come, and that you are still amoung the same people that you knew before the sleep, or would you see that you are probably in the sleep that you felt would bring you to a new realization of how you can live your life?

It is a wondrous place that this world is coming to, and as you experience the differences in your mind and awakening, you are seeing what may be the new you in the new world of this loving energy that you are carrying to all of Life and living the Love that you know can bring about the miracles that you have dreamt of and experienced in your awakening to the new day. Take the newness of your thinking, and allow it to become the Horusday of your dreams, and the life of your awakening. I am Horus once again, and I understand what you are experiencing, for it has been a part of what brought me to your wondrous life, and it is wonderful to be reunited. I Love you all!


Messages of the Moment From Horus via Nancy Tate – Tree of the Golden Light – August 26, 2019

Messages of the Moment From Horus

(Tree of the Golden Light) 08-26-19: There is an oncoming new way for all of us to go through what we’ve been seeing as the way to be confounded and malnourished and not in a frame of mind that is good for what we want in life. I know that many of you have gotten past that way of seeing life. When the results come about it is a good thing to share the reality of one’s own passion and creativity for what it is that we see as the ideal way to live life in the way that makes us not only happy but stronger in the energy that creates what we want, rather than what makes us feel less than capable of bringing about the best that we can bring into our lives. As we each see this and live it, we are being occupied in ways that are irresistable and have the power to bring us the truth in the open for what we want in our lives. →

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Message of the Moment From Horus via Nancy Tate – July 1, 2019

(The Tree of the Golden Light)

07-01-19: If there is anything that you want to know about what is taking place around this world, first go within and ask why you want to know, and why you are seeing what is outside of you and not seeing that it is not what you are creating within yourself. That is what will tell you that you already know why what is taking place around the world will be continuing to affect you and how you can change that if you desire to. Your world is how you create it, and as you realize that, you will find that there are no questions as to how it is for you, only realizations as to how you can continue to create it in your light and how you can enjoy or change it in any way that you feel to create it. This is the time for you all to be the creator of your world, and join with others who reconcile their ways in the way that is in harmony with yours. We are all one, in the ways that we all choose to be in harmony. That is what brings Peace, Joy and Harmony to our lives, and brings about the knowledge that we are living in the Power of Love. I am Horus, and I live in harmony with all of you. We are the Love that we feel and Live.

SourceThe Tree of the Golden Light


Message of the Moment From Horus – The Tree of the Golden Light – May 7, 2019

Messages of the Moment From Horus

05-07-19: If you want to become an individual who gives of oneself in the harmony of the All, then know that as you do that then you are doing for yourself as well as for all others. You are part of the All, and as you step forward in that knowing, you are contributing not only to your life, but to All of life on earth and beyond. You are the one who gives to the All with every move you make and every step that you take whether it is only in a circle, or in a series of steps through life that you Love and know are the epitome of all that you are in harmony with in every moment. Give to yourself and it expands beyond into the Allness of the Love you include with it. I am Horus here with you and in Love for the All of us.

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Messages of the Moment From Horus – Aug 7, 2018


08-07-18: If there is a time for all of you to look at your lives and see what it is that you are holding back on, it is now, in this moment, and every moment of your lives. It is one of the precise reasons why you are still waiting for the goodness and thankfulness of what you have in your life. It is the moment of truth that brings to you that which you desire and know is already in the wings of your life. Whisper to it and know that it is in the sidetracks of what you know is the perfect life for you in this moment. Allow it to show itself and know that it is the perfect timing for what you create to be heaven on earth and beyond. I am Horus, and I see all of you in perfect harmony with your inner self, as it spreads forth in the outer self of life that you create.

Source: Tree of the Golden Light

Horus via Nancy Tate, July 16th, 2018


Wake up Call: Horus, July 16, 2018

There is something coming for all of you around the world, and it is something that you have not expected would come in the way it will be given to you. It is a time for the newness of your ability to give essence to the inner voice that you have and to give it the pleasure that you know it will have when it comes to the voice of the people who see and hear what the message is about.

As you go into the next times of your existence on earth you will realize that what is taking place now was in the cards for what is coming in the next weeks and months. It is a time for the existence of the outer worlds to come and let you know what this world of earth has been all about. It is time for you all to see the changes that are taking place in these times to be the ones that are to be setting you free and allowing you to present yourselves in the essence of who you truly are and why you are in this expression of what has been taking place, and why you are in such turmoil right now. It will all flow away into a new essence of peace, strength in truth and the tranquility of living in the truth of the joyful new life that you will be creating.

This is just a prelude to what I will be bringing to you through this one, and it is part of what you have been preparing yourselves for as you have been clearing out all of the old stuff and making way for the newness of the expressions of who you truly are.

I leave you now with utmost Love and tranquility in the expression of the truthfulness, as you will recognize very soon. Love to you all, I am Horus and I truly Love you all!

Thanks dear Horus!

With Love,
Nancy Tate

Source:  The Tree Of The Golden Light

Credit: Sananda.website

Horus: The Event is Underway — March 15, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with my Main Guide Heru as he brings forth the following message. Dear Children, I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all. Delight dear children delight! Many shifts are taking place in this system of worlds!…Read more

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Horus: Spiritual Evolution — March 6, 2018

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message coming through from Heru. I Heru, speak through the Heart of my beloved to the Hearts of you all. Blessings and Salutations dear ones for it is a blessing to…..Read more

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