I am that Which I have been Seeking | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – January 19, 2021

I Am that Which I Have Been Seeking

You know deep inside, you know, your Superconscious self knows: “I AM. I AM. I am that which I have been seeking. I am God incarnate. I AM. I am you. You are me hiding from me so that we can dance this dance and play this game. So that we can celebrate our creation of this beautiful planet and play the game of being human. And Beloved Ones, when you are ready, the game will change, when you are ready, you move to a much higher level, a whole new game of experiencing. And that is where we are calling you to. Come, move to the next level where you do not feel a victim of your environment, a victim of your limitations. Come to this next level where the creation flows from you consciously, into conscious creation

– Alcazar

Expanding into Superconsciousness, Thanksgiving, 2020

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The Portal: Cobra Update – Cosmic Central Race — February 19, 2019

Cosmic Central Race

Our Return of Light meditation has created a coherent consciousness signal across the universe that got the attention of the Cosmic Central race.
Cosmic Central race is the most advanced race which has evolved around the Cosmic Central Sun. It has now begun to focus its attention towards planet Earth and its liberation, because now there is enough consciousness on the surface of the planet to make cooperation with such evolved beings possible…Read more

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Jennifer Farley. The Creator Writings: I Am – November 2, 2018

Two of the most powerful words you will utter are, “I am”.  Any feeling, action or reaction, both negative and positive, can follow those words and shape your world.  Think about it… (Smiling)  What phrases popped into your mind at the moment you read this?  During this time, The Universe is asking what “I am” you are using in your life.  Do you use these two very small words to empower yourself or use them to keep yourself exactly where you are?

Here is a bit of homework for you…every time you think of “I am” listen to what your conscious mind puts after it!  During this part of the massive shift, your reality is very malleable.  It is time to begin shaping a world you will be comfortable with and proud to be a part. ~ Creator

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Amazing Presentation from Bentinho Massaro at the 2017 Eclipse of Disclosure Conference (Video) — September 30, 2017

Bentinho Massaro from Eclipse of Disclosure Conference…Video

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Keep Singing – May 31, 2017

There will be times in your life when others ‘cut your sound and lights’ thinking it is appropriate for the circumstances.  They have ‘rules’, they may have a certain way of being and your song is not one they want to hear.  What do you do?!  Keep singing and shining bright!  Each human has their own way of going about life and just because yours is not what others want to see/hear, does not mean you should stop.  Instead of seeing it as an admonishment, look at it as a time to change venues.  (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Credit: The Galactic Free Press