Healing the Shock of Awakening: 7 Ways to Integrate Your New Understanding — Wake Up World – June 3rd, 2020

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For those of us who are waking up from the world dream this lifetime, it has not been an easy journey into higher states of consciousness. Some would even say it’s been sheer brutal. Being surrounded by a world that appears apathetic, if not blind, to the negative forces that mold our reality yet are thoroughly enamored by any diversions of a petty nature has been an experience that has left many of us questioning our own sanity and exhausted by the sharp contrast of our journey. For many others, it’s a struggle to even be out in the open with the knowledge they have for fear of losing favor with the status quo. →

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The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: A Little Fun… – February 18, 2019

The surge has begun, and great many changes are starting to arrive!  Depending on where you are on your journey, you may feel a vague sense of overwhelm or enjoying a boost of physical energy.  Both are perfectly acceptable.  Regardless of how it arrives for you, take note of what you are feeling in your body and your heart.  There is a great deal of information coming in now and it is important to integrate as much as possible.  This is preparation for what will be arriving in the next few months.  Use this opportunity to add a sense of play into your learning.  Not all of what you receive from The Universe is ‘work’.  Have a little fun along the way! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings


MORE Information! – September 16, 2018


After the frenzy of this past week, you may have noticed a calming and definite evening out of the incoming energy.  This has been done to give you an opportunity (if you choose) to assimilate the information you have received thus far.  With another wave on its way, The Universe has given you a chance to take a breather, to adjust and integrate.  Use the time wisely to nurture your body and soul, to practice kindness and compassion to yourself and others.  The more time you take, the more easily you will be able to handle the deluge that is approaching from now until the end of the year.  You are also being reminded that, as crazy as it may feel, there is a purpose to all of it and you are an integral part of this process. ~ Creator


Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 21, 2018

Trinity Esoterics

Many of you are still integrating energetically from the recent powerful shifts you have moved through. The sun is assisting you in that process. The best way to ground in new energies is by putting your focus on your body. Eat the foods it is asking for. Allow it to move in whatever way it wishes to in your own intuitive dance. Spend time outdoors and feel your feet connect with the earth. Lie on the ground and let the earth energy wrap you up with its grounding support. Commune with the plants and animals. These are just a few things you can do.

There is no greater expert than your body on what it needs to integrate any energetic shift. Allow it to take the lead. Support it in whatever it is asking for. Know that there is a natural intelligence within that knows exactly what to do. Trust your intuition. What works for one person may not be what another requires. Experiment. This is how you will bring forth your own ancient knowledge, and step into being the empowered master of your own vehicle. What wonderful times you are in that are allowing you to make these discoveries of your own amazing abilities! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 24, 2018


Your energetic shifting will take on its own ebb and flow. There will be times when you are integrating new energy and that will take precedence over all other things. During such times, you may not feel like doing some of your typical spiritual practices. Instead, you may be drawn to activities that focus on the body and the human experience. Once you have fully integrated the latest shift into your body, if you are allowing yourself to flow with the energies, you will get back into your more spiritual interests.

Your soul knows exactly what it is doing during your enlightenment process. Allow it to take the lead. You are not just spiritual, nor are you just human. You are both and both are equally important. There will be times when it is best for one aspect to take the lead for a while. You are in a dance of release, receive, integrate, ground, and repeat. All of it serves your evolution, so trust and allow what you are feeling drawn to as the empowered expert on you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young