Unicorn Kingdom: The Request of Your Soul;Your New Beginning — Era of Light – December 28, 2018

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, come forth with blessings and love to greet you. Welcome to your new beginning. We welcome you with open hearts and supreme embracing love as you create a shift within your being denoting a new beginning for you in your spiritual evolution. This shift and new beginning has been long awaited,…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 29, 2018


Dear Ones, in times of great energetic change, people are in various stages of accepting or resisting movement. Those who are in resistance are frequently energetically overwhelmed and reactive. It is common for people who are in a state of overwhelm to lash out in their discomfort. What we wish for you to understand is that such reactions are energetic in nature, not personal. They speak much more of where the person is in their release/integration process than anything else. They are in the throes of an energetic overhaul.

So be kind and understand times of transformation can be challenging. Be kind with yourselves, as well, if you find yourself being reactive. If you are unusually short tempered it is an indicator you need to practice some good self care to get back into greater comfort and alignment. Forgive others as you would wish to be forgiven. Hold the space by being the love when you are feeling balanced and know that others will do the same for you. After all, you are all in this together, and part of the grandest shift your planet has ever seen. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics