Turbulence – ”Hela ditt digitala liv tillhör nu dem” — NewsVoice – 14 Januari, 2020

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(NewsVoice)  NOTERAT. Två övervakningssystem, ett västligt i USA, och ett östligt i Kina, är de överlägset mest skrämmande system som sänder kalla kårar längs ryggraden. I Kina har vi ett enormt socialt betygsystem baserat på Artificiell Intelligens (AI). I USA har vi ”Turbulence” som spanar globalt och kan vara inne i din dator. →

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Lyckat test av självständigt ryskt internet — Nya Dagbladet – 10 Januari, 2020

(Nya Dagbladet)  Nyligen genomförde Ryssland ett lyckat test av sin självständiga inhemska version av internet. Runet som det ryska nätet heter, kommer lanseras som ett alternativ till Internet och därtill skydda landets digitala infrastruktur vid händelse av omfattande cyberattacker. →

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Internet Disruption: Different Terms for Different Tactics — Activist Post – January 7, 2020

By Advox

(Activist Post)  As the internet progressively becomes an intrinsic part of our daily lives — from communicating with friends and applying for social services, to studying and working — staying connected is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In this context, internet shutdowns have evolved into a human rights issue with the power to severely disrupt people’s lives. Apart from the documented negative economic impacts, intentional internet shutdowns can be weaponized to silence dissent and stunt protest movements. However, internet shutdowns are on the rise with 196 intentional internet disruptions recorded in 2018 alone. In 2019, Global Voices covered internet shutdowns in Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Ecuador to name a few. →

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UN Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power to Control the Internet — Humans Are Free – December 31, 2019

Un Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power To Control The Internet

(Humans Are Free)  The United Nations wants to hand power to dictatorial regimes like China to control the Internet, prompting fears of a massive new free speech purge.

The General Assembly has approved a resolution sponsored by China and Russia to set up a committee of “international experts” whose role would be to stop “the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.”

However, many caution that the move is merely a back door for authoritarian regimes to further censor dissent. →

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Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore? [Short] — Humans Are Free – December 29, 2019

Social Media Censorship 2019

(Humans Are Free)  Are We Allowed to Talk About Anything of Importance, Anymore?

The short answer is no, we are not allowed to talk about anything of importance anymore.

We can no longer ask questions or state our opinions online without being demonetized, deplatformed or banned. The list of “forbidden subjects” is long, and it is growing longer by the day.

The following statements create the official narrative — one that you can not question unless you want to be censored or banned. Please note that many of these statements are stuff of Orwellian “deoublethink” (accepting two contradictory beliefs as true, simultaneously):

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WATCH the Health Ranger and Alan Keyes reveal the truth about willful FRAUD in the science establishment — NaturalNews.com – December 23, 2019

(Natural News) There’s a new weekly interview series between American diplomat and commentator Dr. Alan Keyes and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, that you don’t want to miss!

Airing on IAMtv‘s Brighteon channel, this weekly segment of “Let’s Talk America” will discuss various current events, including the episode covered in this article, which deals with the inherent fraud of modern-day science.

Watch below as Keyes and Adams talk about how modern medicine and the science that backs it is largely a monopolistic ruse designed to keep people enslaved to the chemical offerings of multinational pharmaceutical and vaccine corporations. →

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